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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Little'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
101 Girl Kareena;karina Flower, pure, innocent, dear little one, variant o
102 Girl Karina Flower, pure, innocent, dear little one
103 Girl Karla Peasant, farmer, strong, little, womanly, free wom
104 Boy Keeran Little dark one
105 Boy Keir Dark-skinned, little dark one, swarthy, fort
106 Girl Kenishka Little princes
107 Boy Kevan Little comely loved one
108 Boy Kevin Little comely loved one
109 Boy Kevin Little gentle one, lovable, handsome, beloved, gen
110 Boy Kevyn Little comely loved one
111 Girl Khuki Little girl
112 Girl Khukumani Little girl
113 Boy Khullana Small, little
114 Girl Kiara Dark, little dark one, clear, bright, famous, rudd
115 Boy Kiaran Little black one
116 Boy Kieran Little black one
117 Boy Kieran Small and dark-skinned, dark, swarthy, little dark
118 Boy Kieron Little black one
119 Boy Killian Little warrior
120 Girl Kina Little one*
121 Girl Kina Little one
122 Girl Koetaesvari Little flower
123 Girl Kohana Little flower
124 Boy Korbin Little crow/raven
125 Boy Kunaregan Little king
126 Girl Kunju Like a little bird
127 Boy Kyler Little warrior
128 Boy Kyran Little black one
129 Girl Lana Attractive, fair, good looking, little rock, rock,
130 Boy Lenin A little cape, cloak
131 Boy Leonel Little lion
132 Boy Lionel Little lion
133 Boy Lionel A form of napoleon or leopold, little lion
134 Girl Lola Lady of sorrows, strong woman, sorrow, little and
135 Girl Lola Lady of sorrows, strong woman, sorrow, little and
136 Boy Lovel Little wolf
137 Girl Lovette Little loved one
138 Boy Lowell Little wolf
139 Girl Luvena Little, beloved
140 Girl Lyna Light, little and womanly, variant of helen
141 Boy Malin Little strong warrior, of magdala, crowned
142 Boy Malin Strong, little warrior
143 Boy Mallan Strong, little warrior, virtuous man
144 Boy Mannix Little monk
145 Girl Maralika A little swan
146 Boy Marcel Little marcus
147 Girl Marcela Little marcus
148 Girl Marcella Little marcus
149 Boy Marcello Little marcus
150 Boy Marcellus Little marcus
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