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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Little'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Acea Little warrior girl
2 Boy Acelin Little noble one
3 Boy Adeen Little fire
4 Girl Ahana From the little ford
5 Boy Aidan Little fire, ardent
6 Boy Aiden Little fire
7 Boy Alesa Not little, much, large
8 Girl Alpa Little
9 Boy Alpasaras A little jewel
10 Boy Ansh Portion, a little part of things, honesty
11 Girl Anuhaya Little sister
12 Girl Anuhya Beyond ones expectations, little sister
13 Girl Anuhya Beyond ones expectations, little sister
14 Boy Anuj Born later, little brother
15 Boy Anujit Born later, little brother
16 Boy Appu Little one, cute baby
17 Boy Apupa Little, honeycomb, cake
18 Girl Asvika A little mare
19 Boy Asvika A little mare
20 Girl Ayasha Little one
21 Girl Babeta Little girl
22 Girl Balaja A little goddess
23 Girl Bambi Little girl
24 Boy Bassett Little short/low one
25 Girl Bebu Little cute girl, baby
26 Boy Bennett Little blessed one
27 Boy Blain Little yellow one
28 Boy Caden Little battle
29 Boy Cal Little bald one
30 Boy Callahan Little bright-headed one
31 Boy Calvin Little bald one
32 Girl Carin Dear little one
33 Girl Carina Beloved, keel of a ship, pure, dear little one, da
34 Girl Caroline Little and womanly, song of happiness, female vers
35 Girl Champika Little champa flower
36 Girl Charla From charlotte, little and womanly, female version
37 Girl Charlene Signifies little and womanly
38 Girl Charmaine Song, variant of charles manly, little and womanly
39 Girl Chephirah A little lioness
40 Boy Chinnaiyan Little siva
41 Girl Chinnamal Little girl
42 Girl Chinnamal Little girl
43 Girl Chinnamani Little gem
44 Girl Chinnamani Little gem
45 Boy Chinnamani Small / little pearl
46 Boy Chinnamuthu Little pearl
47 Boy Chinnaraj Little king
48 Boy Chiru Little
49 Boy Chulu Little bit
50 Girl Chutki Little one, tiny girl
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