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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Lily'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abhja Water lily
2 Girl Akhira White lily
3 Girl Analilia Full of grace and lily
4 Boy Kalhara Water lily
5 Boy Kallaikoovan Fresh water lily
6 Girl Lila Latin lily
7 Girl Lili German diminutive of elizabeth, the flower lily is
8 Girl Lilian Latin lily
9 Girl Lilianna Gracious lily.
10 Girl Lillian Blend of lily and ann, variant of lillian, symbol
11 Girl Lillian Lily
12 Girl Lilly Lily, the flower lily is a symbol of innocence, pu
13 Girl Lily Lily, form of lillian, manuscripts of god, lily fl
14 Girl Lily Latin lily
15 Girl Lilybelle A combination of lily & belle
16 Girl Lilybet A combination of lily & elizabeth
17 Girl Neeja Lily
18 Girl Nelofar Water lily, lotus
19 Girl Nilofar Lotus, water lily
20 Girl Nilufer Lotus, water lily
21 Girl Raktakanchan Water lily
22 Girl Sanne Lily
23 Girl Sawsan Lily of the valley
24 Girl Sawsan Lily of the valley, lily
25 Girl Sayuri Small, lily
26 Girl Shoshana Lily
27 Girl Sonel Lily
28 Girl Sue Lily
29 Girl Susana Lily
30 Girl Susanna Lily, bible ref.: luke 8:2-4, had been cured of ev
31 Girl Susannah Lily
32 Girl Susanne Lily
33 Boy Sushaan Lily
34 Girl Sushami Lily
35 Boy Utpal Water lily, fleshless, lotus
36 Boy Utpal Beginning, a water lily
37 Girl Zana Lily
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