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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Lighting'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abhayananda Delighting in fearlessness
2 Girl Abhayananda Delighting in fearless
3 Girl Abhigna Precious, knowledgeable, lighting
4 Girl Aindri Lighting of eyes, the powerful, belongs to the pow
5 Girl Anidipa Non lighting
6 Girl Chanasya Delighting
7 Girl Chapala Restless, lighting
8 Girl Chapala Quick, restless, lighting
9 Boy Chudaroli Lighting from fire
10 Boy Deepaan Lighting up, illumination
11 Boy Deepan Lighting up, illumination
12 Boy Deepan Lighting up
13 Boy Deepan Lighting up
14 Girl Deepanjali Offering by lighting lamps
15 Girl Deepanjali Offering by lighting lamps in worship
16 Girl Deepanshi Offering by lighting lamps
17 Boy Devarata Delighting in the gods, pious, religious
18 Boy Dhirana Delighting on devotion
19 Boy Harshak Delighting
20 Girl Holika Comparison, lighting of ceremonial fire
21 Girl Holikaa Lighting the ceremonial fire, sister of hiranyakas
22 Boy Mandin Delighting
23 Boy Mandin Delighting
24 Boy Parthiban Llighting to the world
25 Boy Pavi Lighting, lord hanuman
26 Boy Ragi Full of love, delighting, affectionate
27 Boy Ramak Delighting, gratifying, sporting
28 Boy Ramanan Delighting
29 Boy Ranjay Delighting
30 Boy Ranjul Charming, delighting
31 Boy Ranshu Cheerful, delighting
32 Girl Ranshu Cheerful, delighting
33 Girl Rasvali Full of nectar, delighting
34 Girl Rochani Delighting, agreeable
35 Boy Rochit Glorious, delighting
36 Girl Roshani Lighting, lustrous
37 Girl Rosnai Lighting
38 Boy Saandip Lighting the way
39 Girl Samtoeshi Delighting in contentment
40 Boy Sandeepen Lighting
41 Girl Santhoshini Delighting in contentment
42 Girl Santoshini Delighting in contentment
43 Boy Sukharanjan Delighting in happiness
44 Girl Sukhseetal One delighting in peace
45 Boy Suvidyut With the brilliance of lighting
46 Boy Theja Lighting
47 Girl Thirsha Three stars with lighting
48 Girl Ujala Lighting, on fire
49 Boy Ujjwala Lighting
50 Girl Ujvalitha Lighting
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