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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Leader'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aariz Respectable man, intelligent, leader of the nation
2 Boy Adhiraja Supreme leader, an emperor
3 Girl Adhva Leader
4 Boy Adiban Leader
5 Boy Adiban Leader, also adhiban
6 Girl Adinarayan Leader
7 Boy Adithan Leader
8 Boy Adithan Leader, also adhithan
9 Girl Agnidurga Leadership
10 Boy Agnim Leader,
11 Girl Agnima Leader,
12 Boy Agnima Torch bearer, leader, elder brother
13 Boy Agraj Leader, senior
14 Girl Agrata Leadership
15 Boy Agrata Leadership
16 Boy Agrata Leadership
17 Girl Agrata Leadership
18 Girl Agratha Leadership
19 Boy Agrayana Leader, oblation
20 Boy Agrayani Leader
21 Boy Agreni First, preceding, leader
22 Boy Agrim Leader, first
23 Boy Agrim Advance, first, leader, captain
24 Boy Agrim;agrima Advance, leader, first
25 Girl Agrima Always on the fore front, leadership
26 Girl Agrima Advance, first, leader, captain
27 Girl Agrima Leadership
28 Boy Akarya Leadership
29 Boy Aldrich Old wise leader
30 Boy Aldrich Old wise leader
31 Boy Alibaba Great leader
32 Boy Amanar Guide or leader
33 Girl Ameera Leader, princess, rich woman, similar to amira, we
34 Girl Ameera Princess. rich woman. leader. also a: well populat
35 Girl Ameera Leader, princess
36 Boy Amid Support, leader, chief, a great man, amin
37 Boy Amir Rich, leader, from kikuyu, wealthy, ruler, king, e
38 Boy Anita Grace, favour, without guile, leader
39 Boy Anvit Leader, relation
40 Boy Anvit Leader
41 Boy Arik Noble leader
42 Boy Athiban Leader, born to win as a leader, lord ayyapa's alt
43 Boy Atralarasu Skilled king, skillful king or leader
44 Boy Badsah Leader or king
45 Boy Balasena A strong leader
46 Boy Bhavnish King, leader
47 Boy Bhunayaka Leader of the earth
48 Boy Bhunetri Leader of the earth
49 Boy Binder Brave leader
50 Boy Binder Brave leader
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