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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Lady'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aanisah Young lady, maiden
2 Girl Aaryaa A noble lady
3 Girl Abishta Lady of the house
4 Girl Agasthi A learned lady
5 Girl Alagi Lady of beauty
6 Girl Alankrita Decorated lady
7 Girl Alankrita Decorated lady
8 Girl Alankritha Decorated lady, beautiful girl
9 Girl Almira Princess, truthful, aristocratic lady, basket for
10 Girl Banita Lady, woman, wife
11 Girl Banita Lady
12 Girl Banou Lady
13 Girl Banu Princes, lady, flute, instrument played by lord kr
14 Girl Bebe Lady of the house, lady, bringer of joy
15 Girl Bhattarika Noble lady, sacred
16 Girl Bhavini Goddess parvati, emotional, beautiful lady
17 Girl Bibi Lady, woman, full of life, lady of the house, aliv
18 Girl Bibinanaki Lady of maternal family
19 Girl Bibinanaki Lady of maternal family
20 Girl Bidisha Educated lady
21 Girl Channakka Beautiful lady
22 Girl Charumati Intelligent, wise, a beautiful lady
23 Girl Charvisree Beautiful lady
24 Girl Chitrali A row of pictures, beautiful lady
25 Girl Citrali Beautiful lady
26 Girl Despina Lady
27 Girl Dona Lady
28 Girl Donna Lady
29 Girl Donna Lady or mistress
30 Girl Donna Lady or mistress
31 Girl Donnah Lady
32 Girl Donya Lady of the house
33 Girl Dyamayi Kind lady
34 Girl Erina Beautiful lady, from ireland, poetic name for irel
35 Girl Erina Beautiful lady
36 Girl Freya Goddess of love, queen of the gods, beloved, lady,
37 Girl Gargeyi Proudy lady
38 Girl Girisa Lady of the mountain
39 Girl Haboos Name of a kind and benevolent noble lady who lived
40 Girl Hanshika Swan or beautiful lady
41 Girl Hansini Swan and beautiful lady
42 Girl Hasina Beautiful, attractive lady
43 Girl Inthinainangai Cultured lady
44 Girl Iria Lady
45 Girl Joshita Lady
46 Girl Kala Princess, lady, most beautiful, the fine arts, art
47 Girl Kala Princess, lady, most beautiful, the fine arts, art
48 Girl Kalainangai Cultured lady
49 Girl Khrisha Lady krish
50 Girl Kiya The cooing of a bird, jovial lady
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