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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'King'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aabish Daughter of a king or queen of iran
2 Boy Aadalarasu King of dance
3 Boy Aadalarasu King of dance
4 Boy Aadhish King
5 Boy Aaghosh A polite asking
6 Girl Aamuktamalya Name of the poem written by an indian king sri kri
7 Boy Aanraaj King
8 Boy Aariv King of wisdom.
9 Boy Aariv King of wisdom
10 Boy Aarive King of wisdom.
11 Boy Aaryesh The king of arya
12 Boy Aathesh Lord ganesh and king
13 Boy Aatiksh King of wisdom
14 Boy Aavish Sky, ocean, king, life giving
15 Boy Abanimohon King
16 Boy Abanish King
17 Boy Abasalom Son of king david
18 Boy Abbas Description of a lion, looking austere, lion, ster
19 Boy Abdul-malik Servant of the master (or king)
20 Boy Abhairaaj Fearless kingdom
21 Boy Abhiraaj Fearless king
22 Boy Abhiraj Fearless king
23 Boy Abhiraj Fearless king
24 Boy Abhiraj Fearless king
25 Boy Abhisek Ritual or installed as a king, bathing of god
26 Boy Abhiseka Installed as king
27 Boy Abhisheka Installed as king
28 Boy Abhishikth King
29 Boy Abimelech Father of the king
30 Girl Abinaya Taking towards
31 Boy Achlendra King of the mountains
32 Boy Adalarachan King of dance
33 Boy Adalarasen King of dance
34 Girl Adalarasu King of dance
35 Boy Adalarasu King of dance
36 Boy Adheep King, ruler
37 Boy Adheesh King
38 Boy Adheesh King
39 Boy Adheesh King
40 Boy Adheesha Ruler, emperor, king
41 Boy Adheeshwar Lord of kings
42 Boy Adhesht Highest, kingdom, bigger
43 Boy Adhibu Superior among the beings, a king
44 Girl Adhij Master, king
45 Boy Adhikshita King, ruler
46 Boy Adhiksit King, lord
47 Boy Adhip King
48 Boy Adhipa King, ruler
49 Girl Adhipa King, ruler
50 Boy Adhipa;adhip King, ruler
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