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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Kindness'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Afzal Most excellent, grace, kindness, favour
2 Girl Ahobalaraav Kindness
3 Boy Altaf Kindness, graces, more gracious, more delicate
4 Boy Amana Friendly disposition, kindness, affection
5 Boy Anbu Love, kindness
6 Girl Anbu Lovely, kindness
7 Boy Anbu Love, kindness, love, lovely, kindness
8 Boy Anthahkaran Sympathy, kindness
9 Girl Anumita Love and kindness
10 Girl Anumitha Love and kindness
11 Girl Charisse Kindness
12 Girl Daya Kindness
13 Boy Daya Good, kindness
14 Boy Daya Good, kindness
15 Girl Daya Kindness, mercy, pity
16 Girl Daya Kindness, mercy, pity
17 Boy Dayasagar Ocean of kindness
18 Boy Dayabir Brave in kindness
19 Boy Dayabir Brave in kindness
20 Girl Dayalu Kindness, mercy, pity
21 Boy Dayamaiah Kindness
22 Girl Dayamani Kindness
23 Boy Dayanidhan Treasure of kindness
24 Boy Dayaprakash Light of kindness
25 Boy Dayawant Full of kindness
26 Girl Dayawanti Goddess of kindness
27 Boy Dhaya Kindness, compassion
28 Girl Dhaya Kindness, compassion
29 Boy Dhaya Kindness, compassion
30 Boy Dutta Kindness
31 Boy Ekiya Kindness
32 Girl Grace Mercy, god's favor, grace, grace of god, kindness,
33 Boy Herdayal Kindness of god
34 Boy Ilifat Kindness, obligation, friendship
35 Girl Inam Kindness, benefaction, bestowal
36 Girl Inaam Act of kindness, benefaction, bestowal
37 Girl Inaam Act of kindness, benefaction, bestowal, present
38 Girl Inayat Kindness
39 Boy Inayat Concern attention, kindness
40 Girl Inayat Kindness
41 Girl Inayati Kindness
42 Girl Inbamozhi Kindness
43 Boy Jagmehar Kindness of the world
44 Boy Jaidayal Victory of kindness
45 Boy Jaidayal Victory of kindness
46 Boy Jasdayal Glory of kindness
47 Girl Karuna Kindness
48 Boy Karunan Kindness
49 Girl Kirishika Have love and kindness
50 Girl Kripasagar Full of kindness
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