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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Innocent'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Angha Innocent, beauty
2 Girl Ayanna Innocent, beautiful flower, royal
3 Girl Ayanna Innocent
4 Boy Badram Innocent
5 Boy Balaksha Innocent, blameless
6 Boy Bhikhu Innocent
7 Boy Bhola Innocent, polite
8 Boy Bhola Innocent, polite
9 Girl Catherine Pure, innocent, torture
10 Boy Dijul Innocent
11 Girl Gurit Innocent baby
12 Girl Immie Daughter, girl, innocent
13 Girl Kareena-karina Lower, pure, innocent, dear little one, variant o
14 Girl Kareena;karina Flower, pure, innocent, dear little one, variant o
15 Girl Kareena;karina Flower, pure, innocent, dear little one, variant o
16 Girl Karina Flower, pure, innocent, dear little one
17 Girl Karul Innocent
18 Girl Karul Innocent
19 Girl Karuli Innocent
20 Girl Karungurali Innocent
21 Girl Lalitaadaevi Lovely, gentle, innocent
22 Girl Lalitaamba Lovely, gentle, innocent
23 Girl Lalitaamjali Lovely, gentle, innocent
24 Girl Lalitamma Lovely, gentle, innocent
25 Girl Lalitha Lovely, gentle, innocent
26 Girl Lalithya Lovely, gentle, innocent
27 Boy Laloo Innocent
28 Girl Masoom Innocent
29 Girl Masooma Innocent, sinless, safe-guarded, protected, fem. o
30 Girl Masoomah Innocent
31 Boy Masum Innocent, infallible
32 Girl Masum Innocent
33 Boy Masum Innocent
34 Girl Mugdha Spellbound, innocent
35 Girl Mugdha Spellbound, innocent, innocent young girl, spell b
36 Boy Mugdha Tender, innocent
37 Boy Nazeef Pure, clean, innocent, neat and clean, chaste, nea
38 Girl Nehali Innocent
39 Boy Nirmantu Innocent
40 Boy Pranay Innocent love, romance, love, marriage, affection,
41 Boy Pumeet Innocent
42 Girl Rachael Innocent lamb
43 Girl Raechel Innocent lamb
44 Boy Riju Innocent
45 Girl Riju Helpful, innocent
46 Girl Riju/rijul Innocent
47 Girl Rijul Innocent
48 Boy Rijul Innocent
49 Boy Rijul Innocent
50 Girl Rishbha Innocent
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