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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Infinite'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Ajooni Infinite, not bound by birth or death
2 Girl Ajooni Infinite, not bound by birth or death
3 Girl Ajooni Infinite, not bound by birth or death
4 Boy Amit Unlimited, great, infinite
5 Boy Amit Infinite, friend
6 Girl Amit Friend, upright, infinite, that which cannot be er
7 Girl Amita Unlimited, great, infinite
8 Boy Amitayus Of infinite age, divine, a god
9 Boy Amitesa Lord of the infinite, lord vishnu
10 Boy Amitesh Infinite god
11 Boy Amitesh Infinite god
12 Boy Amitesh One who is infinite, god
13 Boy Amith Infinite, immeasurable, boundless
14 Girl Amitha Limitless, boundless, unmeasureable, infinite, ete
15 Boy Anaahat Limitless, infinite
16 Boy Anahad Limitless, infinite
17 Girl Anahat Limitless, infinite
18 Boy Anant Infinite
19 Boy Anant Infinite
20 Girl Ananta Infinite, endless
21 Girl Ananta Without end, infinite, joyful, unending
22 Boy Ananta Infinite
23 Boy Ananta-anant Infinite
24 Boy Ananta;anant Infinite
25 Boy Anantamati With an infinite mind, all pervading
26 Boy Anantbhagat Infinite devotee
27 Boy Anantbir Infinite brave
28 Boy Ananth Endless, infinite
29 Boy Ananth;anant Endless, infinite
30 Girl Anantha Infinite
31 Boy Anantjot Infinite light
32 Boy Anantmeet Infinite friend
33 Boy Anantpal Infinite fosterer
34 Boy Anantpreet Infinite love
35 Boy Anantprem Infinite love
36 Boy Anantveer Infinite bravery
37 Girl Apaar Infinite
38 Boy Apar Infinite, great, best
39 Girl Apardeep Lamp of the infinite
40 Girl Apardeep Lamp of the infinite
41 Boy Aseem Limitless, infinite
42 Boy Aseem Limitless, infinite
43 Girl Aseemta Limitless, infinite
44 Girl Authulita Infinite
45 Girl Autulita Infinite
46 Boy Chiranjeevi Infinite, long lived
47 Boy Chirinjivi Infinite, long lived
48 Girl Levinika Infinite
49 Girl Nishama Infinite, matchless
50 Boy Nishiman Infinite, grand
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