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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Holy'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aagam Arrival, holy jain scripture
2 Girl Aaraina Very holy
3 Girl Aarshati Holy
4 Girl Aarshati Holy
5 Boy Abezag Pure, holy
6 Girl Agnes Pure, holy
7 Boy Aidh Name of a reciter of the holy quran
8 Boy Ajmal Pious, holy, beautiful
9 Girl Ajwa Tree planted by holy prohpet
10 Girl Amrita Full of nectar, spiritual holy water, immortality
11 Girl Anaka A holy cow
12 Boy Aneel Holy, immaculate being
13 Boy Aneel Wind, white, holy, immaculate being
14 Boy Aneelroop One of holy form
15 Girl Ariaana Holy one
16 Girl Ariadne Greek holy
17 Girl Ariana A beautiful melody or very holy one
18 Girl Arianna Holy one
19 Girl Arraina Holy
20 Girl Arriana Holy
21 Boy Ashavi Holy essence
22 Girl Ashvi Holy essence
23 Girl Ashvidhi Holy essence
24 Boy Ashwi Holy essence
25 Boy Asvattha Lord of the place where the horses rest, holy tree
26 Girl Aswantha Holy tree, peepal tree, buddha got wisdom under it
27 Boy Aswantha Peepal tree, holy tree, buddha got wisdom under it
28 Boy Atambhu The holy trinity
29 Boy Atamteerath For whom soul is the holy place
30 Boy Avtar Incarnation of god, holy incarnation
31 Girl Ayriauna Holy or strong.
32 Boy Bhagwat Holy book of hindus
33 Girl Bharvi Holy basil plant
34 Girl Bhashini Holy basil plant.
35 Girl Bilwa Holy leaf offered to lord shiva
36 Boy Bivhuti Holy ash
37 Girl Brahmi Holy, the sakti of brahma
38 Boy Chidambaram Holy place of lord siva
39 Boy Dashan An occasion of seeing a holy person or the image o
40 Boy Dasura Holy, pious
41 Boy Deepniranjan Lamp of the holy light
42 Boy Deepshabhad Lamp of the holy word
43 Girl Deerthana Holy water
44 Girl Deval Divine, holy
45 Girl Devkulya Divine pitcher belonging to gods, holy ganga
46 Girl Dhaenuka Holy cow
47 Girl Dharamsheel Holy, religious, pious
48 Boy Dharamsheel Holy
49 Boy Dharamsheel Holy
50 Boy Dharamsheel Holy
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