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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Guardian'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aasim Protector, guardian
2 Boy Alden Wise guardian
3 Boy Alden Wise guardian
4 Boy Amrapali Guardian of the mango tree
5 Boy Asim Limitless, guardian, defender, reward
6 Boy Bhupala Guardian of the earth
7 Boy Billy A familiar form of william, determined guardian
8 Boy Dhanapala Guardian of wealth, king
9 Boy Dharmapala One who is attracted by religion, guardian of dhar
10 Boy Diamond Brilliant gem, bright guardian
11 Boy Diksapala Guardian of initiation
12 Boy Eddy Guardian of prosperity
13 Boy Edi Healing, strife for wealth, herb, guardian of pros
14 Boy Edmondedmund Guardian of the riches
15 Boy Ewart Guardian of prosperity
16 Boy Forester Forest guardian
17 Boy Fravash Guardian angel
18 Boy Fravash Guardian angel
19 Boy Fravash Guardian angel
20 Boy Hafiz Protected, guardian, keeper, preserver, one who kn
21 Boy Haris Protector, farmer, watchman, vigilant guardian
22 Boy Hayward Guardian of the hedged area
23 Boy Isana Ruler, guardian of the north east
24 Boy Ishant Guardian of the north-east, the lord sun
25 Boy Jaipala Guardian of triumph, king
26 Boy Kenward Brave, royal guardian
27 Girl Liama Determined guardian
28 Boy Muhafiz Preserver, guardian, one who protects, custodian
29 Boy Murabbi Superior, guardian, patron
30 Boy Ned Guardian of prosperity
31 Girl Nedda Prosperous guardian
32 Boy Nediyoon Prosperous guardian
33 Boy Norwood Guardian, protector
34 Boy Paal Guardian
35 Boy Palaka Guardian
36 Girl Palakh Guardian
37 Girl Raina Queen, advice, decision, protection, wise guardian
38 Girl Raya Flow, sated with drink, wise guardian, goddess par
39 Boy Raymond Wise guardian
40 Boy Rickward Mighty guardian
41 Girl Romona Protector, protecting hands, wise guardian
42 Girl Samara Guardian or protected by god
43 Boy Seward Sea guardian
44 Girl Sharani The earth, protector, guardian
45 Boy Shreshtapal The best guardian
46 Boy Stewart Steward, household guardian, form of stuart, surna
47 Boy Stewart Guardian of the house
48 Boy Stuart Guardian of the house
49 Boy Tautesh Guardian of the banks
50 Boy Ted Guardian of prosperity
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