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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Grow'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Ahasbai Trusting in me, a grown-up brother
2 Boy Barkat Growth, enlargement
3 Boy Brahma Creator of the universe, growth, evolution
4 Boy Brahmaji Creator of the universe, growth, evolution, simila
5 Boy Charles Manly, strong, free man, full-grown, a man
6 Boy Edhit Grown, advanced, evolved
7 Boy Edhita Grown, increased, evolved
8 Girl Eiliyah The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with g
9 Girl Eiliyah The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with g
10 Boy Fabian Bean grower, grower of beans, the sky, a bean, one
11 Boy Gulzar Gardener, place where flowers grow, an inhabited t
12 Boy Kerr Lives on the wet ground overgrown with brushwood
13 Girl Krishika Grower, prosperity
14 Girl Krishikaa Grower, prosperity
15 Boy Krishita Grower, prosperity
16 Girl Krishleen Grower, prosperity
17 Girl Laira To ebb, grow shallow
18 Girl Macrina A form of macra, she who grows
19 Girl Molina Tree that grow from root
20 Girl Molshree Orange colored very fragrant flowers which grow on
21 Boy Pallavit To sprout, to grow
22 Girl Pammie All-honey, sprouted, growing
23 Girl Phurah That bears fruit, or grows
24 Boy Pramod Happy, growth, happiness, delight
25 Girl Puspita Full grown woman
26 Girl Ridhi Prosperity, to be successful, to succeed, to grow,
27 Girl Royina Rising, growing
28 Girl Ruha Grown, risen
29 Boy Rylan Land where rye is grown
30 Girl Sraavani Flower which grows in the rainy season, shraavan a
31 Boy Surodh Good growth
32 Girl Ubika Growth
33 Girl Udanya Growth
34 Girl Udichi One who grows with prosperity
35 Girl Udichi One who grows with prosperity
36 Boy Udit Grown, awakened, shining
37 Boy Udrohan Rising, growing
38 Boy Ugyen To grow
39 Boy Uja Increase, grow
40 Boy Uksit Strong, of full growth
41 Boy Ullasa Growth, happiness
42 Boy Uthakarsh Growth
43 Boy Utkars Growing step by step
44 Boy Utkarsh To grow, prosperity, awakening
45 Girl Valarmathi Growing moon
46 Girl Valarnila Growing moon
47 Girl Vardhani Growing
48 Boy Veekshit Growing up
49 Girl Virudha Sprouting, grown, formed
50 Girl Vriddhi Growth
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