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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Green'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aileen From the green meadow
2 Girl Arvi Fresh water or green water
3 Girl Asah Plant known for its greenness
4 Girl Asah Plant known for its greeness
5 Boy Badar Full moon, fresh, green
6 Girl Banani Evergreen forests
7 Boy Boota Green, sapling, plant
8 Girl Chloe Green herb
9 Girl Chloemay Green shoot, month of may, princess
10 Girl Chrysolite Some shade of green
11 Boy Denver Green valley
12 Girl Dhaani Light green colour, light green
13 Girl Esmeralda Green gemstone
14 Boy Garwood Evergreen forest
15 Boy Greenwood Green forest
16 Boy Hareeth Greenish
17 Boy Hari Sun, fit, proper, tawny, green, wind, fire, the mo
18 Boy Haria Green
19 Boy Harial Green coloured, the common green pigeon
20 Girl Harinmani Green gem
21 Boy Harit Green
22 Boy Harit Green, lion
23 Boy Harit Green
24 Girl Harita Green
25 Girl Harita Green
26 Boy Harita Green
27 Girl Harita Green
28 Boy Haritaka Yellow green
29 Boy Haritbaran Green
30 Boy Haritbaran Green
31 Boy Harith Green colour
32 Boy Harith Lion, green colour, surya's horse, ploughman, cult
33 Boy Haritha Green
34 Girl Haritha Green
35 Girl Haritha Green, lovely
36 Girl Harithi Green
37 Girl Hariti Green
38 Girl Haritima Greenery
39 Boy Hirav Greenery, the lush greenery on the surface of the
40 Boy Irvin Green water
41 Boy Irving Green water
42 Girl Ivy Climber, ivy plant, an evergreen climbing ornament
43 Boy Jayda English: precious green stone, hebrew: he knew
44 Girl Jayda English: precious green stone, hebrew: he knew
45 Boy Jayden Green stone, thankful
46 Boy Kadeer-kadir Green or green crop (connoting freshness and innoc
47 Boy Kadir Ray of light, shoot of grass, green, spring greeni
48 Girl Khidrah Fresh, green
49 Girl Khudrah Greenery
50 Girl Malathy A flower, sweet smelling, fragrance, green
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