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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Good looking'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Alagu Gorgeousness, beauty, good looking, handsome
2 Girl Aleen Loving good looking
3 Girl Aleena Beautiful, good looking
4 Boy Azalagu Gorgeousness, beauty, good looking
5 Girl Deleena Good looking
6 Girl Deleena Good looking
7 Girl Drishika Good looking, splendid
8 Boy Elilchelvan A simple good looking man, handsome
9 Girl Fadila Good looking, attractive
10 Boy Goran The good looking one
11 Boy Gorance The good looking one
12 Boy Hasan Laughter, good, beautiful, handsome, good looking
13 Boy Karthikesan Good looking individuals
14 Girl Krupal Unparalleled kindness, extremely good looking
15 Girl Lana Attractive, fair, good looking, little rock, rock,
16 Girl Mohanam Beautiful, good looking
17 Boy Navarang Good looking
18 Boy Nityasundara Good looking
19 Boy Nitya-sundara Good looking
20 Boy Nityasundar Ever good looking
21 Boy Prakul Good looking
22 Boy Prakul Good looking
23 Girl Priyabaamdhavi Good looking
24 Girl Selvarani Fair, charming, good looking, smart
25 Boy Shakeel Handsome, good looking, comely
26 Boy Shakil Handsome, good looking
27 Girl Shameena Handsome, good looking, nice
28 Boy Sohan Good looking
29 Boy Sohan Good looking
30 Boy Solaimalai Good looking
31 Boy Soumak Good looking
32 Girl Subhasree Good looking
33 Boy Sudarsh Good looking
34 Boy Sudarshan Good looking
35 Boy Sudarshan-sudarsh Good looking
36 Boy Sudarshana Good looking
37 Boy Sudip;sudeep Bright, good looking
38 Boy Suryakant;suryakanta Loved by the sun, glowing, good looking, a jewel
39 Girl Suryakanta Glowing, good looking, a jewel, loved by the sun
40 Girl Sushreeka Good looking, wealthy, prosperity
41 Girl Svakriti Good looking
42 Boy Virat Very big, giant proportioned, great, good looking,
43 Boy Waseem Graceful, good looking
44 Boy Zain Swords, excellent, happy, beautiful, good looking,
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