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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Goddess durga'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
51 Girl Aryahi Goddess durga
52 Girl Aryaki Goddess durga
53 Girl Ashree One of the name of goddess durga
54 Girl Awani Devotee of goddess durga
55 Girl Bairavi Goddess durga
56 Girl Bargavi Goddess durga
57 Girl Baruni Goddess durga
58 Girl Baruni;varuni Goddess durga
59 Girl Barvadakumari Goddess durga
60 Girl Bavalosini Goddess durga with attractive eyes
61 Girl Bavanya Goddess durga
62 Boy Bhaavitha Name of goddess durga
63 Girl Bhabani Goddess durga
64 Girl Bhagwati Goddess durga
65 Girl Bhagwati Lucky, goddess durga
66 Girl Bhairavi Goddess durga, a raga
67 Girl Bhairavi A melody in classical music, goddess durga
68 Girl Bhavadarini Goddess durga
69 Boy Bhavani Name of goddess durga
70 Girl Bhavani Goddess parvati, goddess durga
71 Girl Bheema Goddess durga, one of the powerful pandavas in mah
72 Girl Bheiravi Goddess durga
73 Girl Bhiravi Goddess durga
74 Girl Braahmi Goddess durga
75 Girl Candalika Goddess durga
76 Girl Chandika Goddess durga
77 Girl Chandika Goddess durga
78 Girl Dakshayani Goddess durga, the daughter of daksha
79 Girl Dakshayani Goddess durga
80 Girl Daksina Goddess durga
81 Girl Darsani Worth looking at, another name for goddess durga
82 Girl Darsanidarsani Worth looking at, another name for goddess durga
83 Girl Deeher Of goddess durga and lord shiva's strength
84 Girl Deveshi Goddess durga
85 Girl Deveshi Goddess durga
86 Boy Devibalan Servant of goddess durga
87 Boy Devishaya Goddess durga
88 Girl Devishi Goddess durga
89 Girl Devishi Chief of the goddesses, goddess durga
90 Girl Deviyahini Chief of the goddesses, goddess durga
91 Girl Dhinushshinidevi A name for goddess durga
92 Girl Digambari Goddess durga
93 Girl Ditipriya Another name of goddess durga
94 Girl Ditya Goddess durga
95 Girl Ditya Goddess durga
96 Boy Dityaa Goddess durga
97 Boy Dugga Bengali dialect for mother goddess durga
98 Girl Durga Goddess durga
99 Boy Durga Goddess durga, devi
100 Girl Durga Goddess durga, parvati, devi
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