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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Gift of g'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aavya Brilliance & gracious gift of god.
2 Girl Aayan Gift of god
3 Boy Abijah The lord is my father, gift of god, yahweh is my f
4 Girl Abisha Gift of god
5 Girl Aishi Gift of god
6 Girl Avishka Gift of god.
7 Boy Ayaan Gift of god
8 Boy Ayaan Nature, temperament, gift of god
9 Boy Ayaansh Gift of god
10 Boy Ayan Gift of god
11 Girl Ayanika Gift of god
12 Boy Ayann Gift of god
13 Boy Ayansh The first ray of light, part of parents, gift of g
14 Boy Ayyan Gift of god
15 Boy Daksheh Gift of god, blessed from god
16 Girl Danya Gift of god
17 Boy Devadathan Gift of god
18 Boy Devadutt Gift of god
19 Boy Devadutt Gift of god
20 Boy Devajanman Gift of god, born of the gods
21 Boy Deviprasad Gift of godess
22 Boy Devjyoti Gift of godess
23 Girl Dolly Gift of god
24 Girl Dora Kind, a gift, given by god, gift of god
25 Girl Dorika Gift of god
26 Girl Dorothy Gift of god, gift
27 Boy Durgamsa Gift of goddess durga
28 Boy Elnathan God hath given, the gift of god.
29 Boy Eshwardutt Gift of god
30 Girl Feodora Gift of god
31 Boy Gangadutt Gift of ganga
32 Boy Gangadutt Gift of ganga
33 Boy Gangaiarasan Gift of ganga
34 Boy Gangaichelvan Gift of ganga
35 Boy Gangaimynthan Gift of ganga
36 Boy Gangaivaanan Gift of ganga
37 Girl Gunsheen Gracious gift of god
38 Boy Gurbaksh Gift of guru
39 Boy Gurbax Gift of guru
40 Boy Gurbax Gift of guru
41 Boy Gurdaat Gift of guru
42 Girl Gurdita Gift of guru
43 Girl Gurdita Gift of guru
44 Girl Gursheen Gracious gift of god.
45 Girl Haneesha Gift of god
46 Boy Haniel The gift of god
47 Girl Hibatullah Gift of god, gift of allah
48 Boy Ivan Gift of god, god's gracious gift, archer
49 Boy Jathniel Gift of god
50 Boy Jens The lord is gracious, gracious gift of god, god is
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