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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Full moon'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aayushi Full moon, one with long life
2 Boy Abalendu Not the nascent moon, the full moon
3 Girl Amalendu Full moon
4 Boy Badar Full moon, fresh, green
5 Boy Badr Full moon
6 Boy Badrudeen Full moon of the faith
7 Girl Badra Full moon
8 Girl Badri Full moon
9 Girl Badriya Resembling full moon, moor-like, cloud
10 Boy Badru Born at the full moon, full moon
11 Girl Chairavali Full moon of chaitra month
12 Boy Ehaan Full moon
13 Girl Faalgunee Day of full moon
14 Boy Foolendu Full moon
15 Boy Fulendu Full moon
16 Girl Indumatee Full moon
17 Girl Indumati The full moon
18 Girl Indurekha Full moon, phases of the moon
19 Girl Indurekha Full moon
20 Girl Jaabili Moon, full moon
21 Girl Jyothsna Light from the full moon or moon light, moon light
22 Girl Kartiki Full moon in bengali month of kartika
23 Girl Koumudi Full moon
24 Girl Mahamathy Big moon, full moon
25 Girl Nilla Enchanting moon, full moon
26 Girl Niraimadhi Full moon, omniscient, the full moon
27 Girl Niraimadhi Full moon
28 Girl Niraimathi Full moon
29 Boy Parvan Full moon
30 Girl Parvana Full moon, butterfly
31 Girl Parvani Full moon, a festival or a special day
32 Girl Parvani Full moon
33 Boy Phoolendu Full moon
34 Boy Pilesha Full moon
35 Girl Poonam Full moon
36 Girl Poonam Full moon, merit
37 Girl Poonam Full moon, merit
38 Girl Poonam Full moon
39 Girl Poonkodai Full moon
40 Boy Poornachander Full moon
41 Boy Poornachandra Full moon
42 Boy Poornachandra Full moon
43 Girl Poornima Full moon
44 Girl Poornima;purnima Full moon, the night of the full moon
45 Girl Poornima;purnima Full moon, the night of the full moon
46 Girl Pootul Full moon
47 Girl Poovalli Full moon
48 Girl Pounami Full moon day
49 Girl Pournami Full moon
50 Girl Pournima Full moon
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