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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'From god'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abimael A father sent from god
2 Girl Aishleen Gift from god
3 Boy Akharee From god's word
4 Boy Akharee From god's word
5 Girl Angel Messenger from god, angel, pari
6 Girl Angela Heavenly messenger, angel, messenger from god
7 Girl Angelika Angelic, messenger from god
8 Girl Avisha Gift from god
9 Girl Bethel From god’s house
10 Girl Chimaye Wonderful, loved and blessed one, sent from god
11 Boy Daksheh Gift of god, blessed from god
12 Boy Debamrit Nectar from god
13 Boy Devaj From god
14 Boy Devaj From god
15 Girl Devaja Born from god
16 Boy Devedath Gift from god
17 Boy Durgadutt Gift from godess durga
18 Boy Durgadutt Gift from godess durga
19 Boy Ellasar Revolting from god
20 Girl Fenisha Gift from god
21 Boy Hansel Gift from god.
22 Boy Harmanpreet Love from god's heart
23 Boy Harmansukh Peace from god's heart
24 Girl Heba Gift from god
25 Girl Hibah A gift from god, gift
26 Boy Iaan Gift from god
27 Boy Ian God is gracious, gift from god form of john
28 Boy Ian Gift from god the gaelic form of the name john
29 Girl Iva Gift from god
30 Boy Ivaan Gift from god
31 Boy Ivan Gift from god
32 Girl Ivana Gift from god
33 Girl Jainavi Gift from god
34 Girl Jaini Gift from god
35 Boy Jainith Gift from god
36 Boy Jainithin Gift from god
37 Girl Jainu Gift from god
38 Boy Jainy Gift from god
39 Girl Jasmine Fragrant flower, flower of jasmine, gift from god,
40 Boy Joen Gift from god.
41 Girl Joena Gift from god.
42 Girl Jofina Gift from god.
43 Girl Juana Gift from god
44 Boy Madhukiran Sweet ray as from god
45 Boy Mangjit Asked from god
46 Boy Mathew Gift of the lord, gift from god
47 Boy Mathews Gift from god
48 Girl Michelle Gift from god
49 Boy Michon Gift from god
50 Boy Miciah Gift from god
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