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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Friendship'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abhinithi That which is already been performed, friendship
2 Girl Abhiniti Gesture, friendship
3 Girl Ameeta Endless, truth, friendship
4 Girl Amy Dearly loved, industrious, truth, friendship, to l
5 Girl Bhandhavi Friendship, relationship
6 Boy Bhandhavya Friendship, relationship
7 Boy Bildad Old friendship.
8 Boy Dedan Their breasts, friendship, a judge
9 Boy Hrdika Friendship
10 Boy Hridika Of heart, friendship
11 Boy Ilifat Kindness, obligation, friendship
12 Girl Maithri Friendship
13 Girl Maitri Friendship
14 Girl Maitri Friendship
15 Girl Maitry Friendship
16 Girl Maitry Friendship and joy
17 Boy Maitryi Friendship
18 Girl Maitryi Friendship
19 Girl Metali Friendship
20 Boy Metri Friendship
21 Girl Metri Friendship
22 Girl Mitaali Friendship
23 Girl Mital Friendship
24 Boy Mital Friendship
25 Girl Mitalee A bond between friendship and love
26 Girl Mitali Friendship, lovely, beautiful, angels daughter
27 Girl Mitali Friendship
28 Girl Mitali Friendship
29 Girl Mithali Friendship
30 Girl Mithali Friendship
31 Boy Mitrananda Make others happy with his friendship
32 Girl Mittali Friendship
33 Girl Mythri Friendship
34 Boy Mythri Friendship
35 Boy Mythri Friendship
36 Boy Rakesh The moon, lord of the night, sun, friendship brand
37 Girl Ruth A companion, friendship
38 Girl Ruthie Friendship
39 Boy Sakhya Friendship
40 Girl Sakhya Friendship
41 Girl Sakhya Friendship
42 Boy Salokh Friendship
43 Boy Salokh Friendship
44 Girl Sanghamitra One who maintains friendship between different gro
45 Boy Sneh Friendship, love
46 Girl Snehamayi Full of friendship
47 Girl Snehapriya Lovely friendship
48 Boy Snehesh Love filled with friendship
49 Girl Sreehitha Friendship
50 Girl Srihitha Friendship
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