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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Free'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aanaya Completely free
2 Boy Aatiq Liberated, independent, free, aatiq ali, muhammad
3 Boy Abhaidev Free of fear
4 Boy Abhaidev Free of fear, the protecting god, the god of prote
5 Boy Abhaidev Free of fear
6 Boy Abhaidev Free of fear
7 Boy Achet Carefree
8 Boy Achetbir Carefree warrior
9 Boy Achetmeet Carefree friend
10 Girl Achint Carefree
11 Girl Adeeti Free
12 Girl Adithi Freedom, safety, abundance, guest
13 Girl Aenaya Completely free
14 Boy Agarva Free from pride
15 Girl Akalka Free from impurity, moonlight, pure
16 Boy Akantaka Free from thorns, troubles, enemies
17 Boy Akrodhana Free from anger
18 Girl Akupara Unbounded, free
19 Boy Akupara Unbounded, free, the ocean
20 Boy Alobhin Not wanting or desiring anything, free from greed
21 Boy Alolupa Free from desire, firm, steady
22 Boy Amadana Free from sexual desire, lord shiva
23 Girl Amisa Free from guile
24 Girl Anaaya Completely free
25 Boy Anamiva Free from disease, well
26 Boy Anasah A freed slave of the prophet had this name
27 Girl Anaya Completely free
28 Girl Anayaa Completely free
29 Girl Anayaa Complete freedom
30 Girl Anchala One end of saree which is free
31 Boy Anenasya Freedom from sin, pious, pure
32 Boy Anirudhha Free, grandson of lord krishna, cooperative
33 Girl Anjal Free flowing, wind
34 Girl Annaya Completely free
35 Boy Anudvega Free from anxiety
36 Boy Apamanyu Free from grief
37 Boy Aparusa Free from anger
38 Boy Arujas Free from disease
39 Boy Arvish Daring, freedom-loving
40 Boy Aslam Greeting, safer, freer
41 Boy Attinder Limitless, bound-free
42 Boy Avinash(abhi) Freedom
43 Girl Azaad Care free
44 Girl Azadeh Dry earth, detached, free of material things, nobl
45 Girl Bashita Freedom
46 Boy Bechint Free from worries
47 Girl Bhagath Freedom
48 Boy Bipin The woods, free, provides a shelter
49 Girl Blythe Free spirit
50 Girl Blythe Free spirit
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