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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Flute'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Baalamurali;balamurali Young krishna holding flute
2 Boy Balamurali Young krishna holding flute
3 Girl Bansari Flute
4 Girl Bansari Flute
5 Girl Banshari Flute
6 Girl Banshari Flute
7 Girl Banshari Flute
8 Boy Banshi Flute
9 Boy Banshi;bansi Flute
10 Girl Banshri Flute
11 Boy Bansi Flute, baansuri
12 Girl Bansi Whistle, flute, melodious
13 Boy Bansi Flute
14 Boy Bansidhara Bearer of the flute
15 Girl Bansri Flute
16 Boy Bansuri Flute, lord krishna, flash of lightning
17 Girl Bansuri Flute
18 Girl Banu Princes, lady, flute, instrument played by lord kr
19 Girl Beena Flute
20 Girl Benu Flute
21 Girl Bonasri Flute, instrument played by lord krishna
22 Boy Dodahi Flute
23 Girl Kolambi The flute of lord shiva
24 Boy Muralee The flute
25 Boy Murali Flute, lord krishna
26 Boy Murali Flute
27 Girl Murali Flute
28 Boy Murali Flute
29 Boy Muralidhara Bearer of a flute
30 Boy Muralidharan Lord krishna, bearer of flute
31 Girl Murli Flute
32 Boy Murli The flute
33 Boy Murli Flute
34 Boy Murlidhar Bearer of a flute, lord krishna having a flute
35 Boy Murlimanohar The flute playing god
36 Girl Saanika Flute
37 Boy Sanika Flute
38 Girl Sanika Flute
39 Girl Sanika Flute
40 Girl Sanjitha Triumphant, flute
41 Girl Sanjitha Triumphant, flute
42 Girl Shalika Flute
43 Girl Sushira Flute, good pleasant music
44 Boy Tanav Flute
45 Boy Tanav Flute
46 Boy Tunav A flute
47 Boy Tunava A flute
48 Boy Tunava A flute
49 Girl Vaanshi Flute
50 Boy Vainavik Flute player
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