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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Firm'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abalean Of resolute firmness
2 Boy Aha Ascertainment, affirmation
3 Boy Ahin Firm, unshakeable
4 Boy Akapivata Unshaken, firm, resolute
5 Boy Alola Unagitated, firm, steady
6 Boy Alolupa Free from desire, firm, steady
7 Boy Atal Firm
8 Boy Atal Firm, immoveable
9 Boy Atala Firm, stable
10 Boy Atalbahadur Firm and brave
11 Boy Atalbir Firm and brave
12 Boy Atalvir Firm and brave
13 Girl Athilah Firmly established, deep-rooted
14 Boy Atihata Firmly fixed
15 Boy Bhupad Firm
16 Girl Constance Latin constant firm
17 Boy Constant Latin constant firm
18 Girl Dhairavi Firmly glow like sun, smart, intelligence
19 Girl Dhrivika Firmly fixed
20 Boy Dhrtatman Steady mind, calm, firm
21 Boy Dhruti Firm, resolute
22 Girl Dhruva Star, the polar star, constant, faithful, firm
23 Boy Dhruva The polar star or constant or faithful or firm
24 Girl Dhruvaa The polar star or constant or faithful or firm
25 Boy Dhruvaan Firm
26 Boy Dhruvaka Stable, firm, that which is unchangeable
27 Boy Dhruval Firm
28 Boy Dhruvasva With firm horses
29 Girl Dhruvee Firm
30 Girl Dhruvi Firm
31 Boy Dhruvi Firmly fixed
32 Girl Dhruvi Firm
33 Girl Dhruvi Firmly fixed
34 Girl Dhruvika Firmly fixed
35 Girl Dhruvika Firmly fixed
36 Girl Dhruvita Firmly fixed
37 Girl Dhruvita Firmly fixed
38 Boy Dhruvtej Firm
39 Girl Dhurjati Firm
40 Girl Dhurthi Firm
41 Boy Dhurv Firm
42 Girl Didhiti Firm, stable, devotion
43 Boy Drdharuci With firm tastes
44 Boy Druva The polar star or constant or faithful or firm
45 Girl Druvi Firm
46 Girl Druvi Firm
47 Girl Druvika Firmly fixed
48 Boy Duran Firm, enduring, durable
49 Boy Goddard Divinely firm
50 Boy Hasif Firm, judicious, steady, joyful
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