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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Father'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Ab Father of or is light
2 Boy Abba Father
3 Boy Abbas The lord is my father
4 Girl Abbey Father of exaltation
5 Girl Abbie Father of joy
6 Boy Abbie My father is light, father of joy
7 Boy Abbot Father, priest
8 Boy Abbot Father
9 Boy Abbott Father
10 Boy Abbott Father
11 Girl Abbott Father
12 Boy Abby Father, my father is light, father in rejoicing
13 Boy Abe Father of a multitude
14 Boy Aben Father of multitudes
15 Boy Abey Father of a multitude
16 Boy Abi My father, all
17 Girl Abi My father
18 Boy Abi My father
19 Boy Abi-albon Most intelligent father
20 Girl Abiah The lord is my father
21 Boy Abiah God is my father
22 Boy Abiasaph Consuming father, gathering
23 Boy Abiathar Excellent father, father of the remnant.
24 Boy Abidah Father of knowledge
25 Boy Abidan Father of judgment
26 Girl Abie Father or mother of many
27 Boy Abie Father or mother of many
28 Girl Abiel God is my father
29 Boy Abiel God my father
30 Boy Abiezer Father of help
31 Girl Abigail Head of a monastery, father's joy, gives joy, the
32 Girl Abigayle Father of exaltation
33 Girl Abihail A form of abigail, father’s joy
34 Boy Abihail The father of strength
35 Boy Abihu He is my father.
36 Boy Abihud Father of praise, confession
37 Girl Abijah Jehavah is my father
38 Boy Abijah The lord is my father
39 Boy Abijah The lord is my father, gift of god, yahweh is my f
40 Boy Abijam Father of the sea
41 Boy Abilene The father of mourning
42 Boy Abimael A father sent from god
43 Boy Abimelech Father of the king
44 Boy Abinadab Father of a vow, or of willingness
45 Girl Abinithi My father morality, justice
46 Boy Abinoam Father of beauty
47 Boy Abinoor My father light
48 Boy Abiram My father is great
49 Girl Abishag Ignorance of the father.
50 Boy Abishai The present of my father.
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