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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Fast'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aarjav One who's steadfast in happiness and sorrow
2 Boy Aarjav One who is steadfast in happy and sorrow
3 Girl Acira Brief, swift, fast
4 Boy Airavata As fast as the wind
5 Boy Amaar One who prays 5 times and fasts
6 Girl Amanah Steadfast
7 Girl Amara Grass, immortal one, aid, assistance, steadfast, l
8 Boy Animikh Winkless,having a steadfast look
9 Girl Aparna One who doesnt eat even leaves while fasting
10 Boy Arva Fastest motion wind
11 Boy Bharadvaja Skylark, strong and fast
12 Boy Bharadwaj;bhardwaj A sage, a mythical bird, skylark, strong & fast
13 Boy Bhardwaj A sage, a mythical bird, skylark, strong and fast
14 Boy Bhuranyu Worshipped by the world, fast, anxious, efficient,
15 Boy Charanvir One who is fast on feet and brave
16 Boy Dadhikra Born from the ocean of milk, fast moving, a divine
17 Boy Darshak Spectator, wind blowing fast
18 Boy Dharamdheer Steadfast in righteousness
19 Boy Dheerajbir Steadfast and brave
20 Boy Dheerniranjan Steadfast in holiness
21 Boy Dhirajbir Steadfast and brave
22 Girl Dhrivika Fastened
23 Boy Dhrtimat One who is calm, paitent, steadfast, resolute
24 Girl Dhrtimati Steadfast, resolute
25 Boy Dhrtvan Steadfast, resolute, the sea, clever, virtuous
26 Girl Fleta Swift, fast
27 Boy Gati Speed, fast, progressive
28 Boy Gati;gatik Speed, fast, progressive
29 Boy Gatik Fast, progressive
30 Boy Gatik Fast, progressive
31 Boy Giandheer Steadfast in divine knowledge
32 Boy Gurdheeraj Steadfast in guru's word
33 Boy Hamza Lion, strong, sour leaves, smart, steadfast, brave
34 Boy Hatim Judge, inevitable, ruler, king, steadfast
35 Boy Heck Defend hold fast
36 Boy Hector Defend hold fast
37 Girl Hiza Strong, steadfast
38 Boy Hmza Strong, steadfast
39 Boy Jachin He that strengthens and makes steadfast
40 Boy Japdheer Steadfast by remembering god
41 Boy Joshva Very fast
42 Boy Kaushlender As fast as kaushal
43 Boy Khubayb Fast walker, name of companion
44 Girl Kshipraa Fast, swift
45 Boy Manotej Who has fast thinking
46 Boy Naamdheer Steadfast in naam
47 Boy Naamdheer Steadfast in naam
48 Boy Nehchaltek One whose faith in god is steadfast
49 Boy Ozem That fasts, their eagerness
50 Boy Prabhdheer Steadfast in god's love
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