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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Face'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aanan Appearance, face, countenance
2 Girl Aasya Related to mouth or face
3 Girl Abhibhava Face like moon
4 Boy Abhicandra Having a moon like face
5 Girl Abhicandra With a moon like face
6 Boy Abhichandra Having a moon like face
7 Boy Agnimugam Face of fire, face of conflagration
8 Boy Agnimukha Fire faced
9 Girl Agnimukhi Fire faced
10 Boy Agnivarna Fire coloured, red faced, hot, fiery
11 Boy Ajamukha Goat faced
12 Boy Anana Face, appearance
13 Boy Anav Kind, rich, baldfaced
14 Girl Aniqa Sweet-faced
15 Girl Annika Grace, sweet faced, different, god is gracious, go
16 Boy Appaim Face, nostrils.
17 Boy Arumugam Faces of lord muruga
18 Boy Ashumu Sweet face
19 Boy Astamurti Eight faced
20 Girl Bahuli One who has many facets
21 Boy Bhanan Elephant faced
22 Girl Bimbika Round faced, mirror
23 Girl Bunny Good, fair of face, charming, cute like rabbit
24 Boy Caturvaktra Four faced, another name for brahma
25 Boy Chandraanan Moon-like face
26 Boy Chandraanan Moon-like face
27 Boy Chandraanan Moon-like face
28 Boy Chandranan Moon like face
29 Boy Chandranan Moon like face
30 Girl Chandranoni Moon faced
31 Girl Chandrarupa Moon-faced
32 Boy Chandravadan Moon like face
33 Boy Chandravadan Moon-like face
34 Boy Chandravadan Moon-like face
35 Girl Chandravadana Having moon like face
36 Boy Chaturaanan With four faces
37 Boy Chaturaanan With four faces
38 Boy Chaturanan One with four faces, brahma
39 Boy Chaturanan With four faces
40 Boy Chaturmukha One with four faces, bramha
41 Boy Chaturnik Four faced, a name for varuna
42 Girl Chinkoo Chinky face
43 Boy Chinkoo Chinky or round face
44 Boy Chinky Round face
45 Boy Chitramukha Having a beautiful face
46 Girl Dimpal Cute, dimple on face
47 Girl Dimple A small, natural hollow on the surface of the body
48 Boy Dvivaktra Two faced
49 Boy Ekamukha Single faced
50 Boy Gajaanan Elephant faced, lord ganesha
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