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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Enlightened'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aaron Enlightened, to sing
2 Boy Ahren Enlightened
3 Boy Aksapada Follower of knowledge, learned, wise, enlightened
4 Girl Arin Enlightened
5 Boy Arin Enlightened
6 Boy Avajyuta Illuminates others, enlightened
7 Girl Avlokita The enlightened one
8 Girl Avlokita The enlightened one
9 Boy Bahuvida Scholarly, wise, enlightened
10 Boy Bhasura The shining god, crystal, enlightened, sacred, div
11 Boy Bodhidharma All-pervading enlightened mind, enlightenment teac
12 Girl Buddhana Aware, enlightened one
13 Girl Dhianjot Enlightened by meditation
14 Girl Dhianjot Enlightened by meditation
15 Boy Eron Peace, enlightened
16 Girl Gurdeep Lamp of the guru, lamp of the teacher, enlightened
17 Boy Gyanamurthy Enlightened person
18 Boy Kuldip The enlightened one in the family
19 Boy Lapidoth Enlightened, lamps.
20 Boy Lokit Enlightened
21 Girl Lokitha The enlightened one
22 Boy Munawwar Bright, illuminated, enlightened
23 Boy Prabudda The enlightened
24 Girl Pradeepthi Enlightened
25 Girl Pradipta Glowing, illuminated, enlightened
26 Boy Prakash Sun, enlightened, light of sun, light
27 Boy Prameet Enlightened one, consciousness, definite
28 Boy Saugat Gift an enlightened person
29 Boy Sidhan Enlightened, free thinking man
30 Boy Sidhan Enlightened, also siddan, sithan
31 Boy Tanveer Enlightened
32 Girl Triggya The enlightened
33 Girl Zia Light, enlightened, to tremble, one who unities, k
34 Boy Zia Light, enlightened, grain, splendour
35 Girl Ziya Enlightened, splendour, light
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