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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Ease'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abhiruca To be bright, to please
2 Boy Abhyudaya Rising, sunrise, elevation, increase, prosperity
3 Girl Acheri Acheri is the disease-bringing spirit of a mountai
4 Boy Achintya Release of tensions, inconceivable, a name of lord
5 Boy Adityavardhana Increases glory, augmented by the sun
6 Boy Anamaya The disease-less, the trouble-less
7 Girl Anamaya The disease-less, the trouble-less
8 Boy Anamiva Free from disease, well
9 Girl Anamya The diseaseless, the troubleless
10 Boy Anandvardhan One who increases happiness, lord ram
11 Boy Arphaxad A healer, a releaser
12 Boy Arujas Free from disease
13 Boy Asnapper Unhappiness, increase of danger.
14 Boy Asutosa Easily pleased, lord shiva
15 Boy Attalia That increases or sends
16 Boy Attalus Increased, nourished
17 Boy Augustus Increased, augmented
18 Girl Bhaktipriya She who is fond of and pleased by devotion
19 Boy Bhesaj Vishnu, the healer, who cures the disease of birth
20 Boy Bhishak The healer, vishnu, who cures the disease of birth
21 Boy Chitranjan Who pleases mind
22 Boy Chittaranjan One who pleases the mind
23 Boy Debashish Pleased by godsq
24 Boy Debashish Pleased by gods
25 Boy Debashish;debashis Pleased by gods, benediction of god, blessing of g
26 Boy Debesh Pleased by gods
27 Boy Devataras Released by the gods
28 Boy Edhita Grown, increased, evolved
29 Girl Edhita Increased,
30 Girl Edhitha Progressed, increased
31 Boy Eliasaph The lord increaseth
32 Boy Emil Industrious, eager to please, rival, emulating, ex
33 Boy Faraj Happiness, ease, relief, relief from bad times, cu
34 Boy Fitch Weasel, ermine
35 Girl Haniya Pleased, happy
36 Girl Haniya Pleased, happy, encampment, resting place
37 Girl Haniyyah Pleased, happy
38 Boy Harparsann One with whom god is pleased
39 Boy Harsavardhana Creator of happiness, increases joy
40 Girl Harshadayini One who increases joy
41 Boy Harshvardhan One who increases joy
42 Boy Harshvardhana One who increases happiness
43 Boy Harshwardhan One who increases joy , happiness
44 Boy Haryadi One who increases joy
45 Boy Jabez God will increase your boundary, borne in pain
46 Boy Jabez God will increase your boundary*
47 Boy Japaap Remembering god ceaselessly
48 Boy Japnirantar Ceaselessly meditation
49 Boy Jayatsena One who increase victory, conqueror of the army
50 Girl Jayavardhini Goddess who increases victory
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