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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Da'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aabish Daughter of a king or queen of iran
2 Girl Aabish Daughter of sa'ad, she was a queen of irqan
3 Boy Aachintay Daughter of sa'd who was a queen of iran (an)
4 Boy Aadalarasu King of dance
5 Boy Aadalarasu King of dance
6 Boy Aaddhar Foundation
7 Girl Aadhirai Lord of dance
8 Girl Aadumayil First, preliminary, dancing peacock
9 Girl Aadumayil Dancing peacock
10 Boy Aahaan Dawn, morning
11 Boy Aahan Dawn, morning
12 Boy Aahir Dazzling, brilliant
13 Girl Aakshaya The seventh day of luner month which which happens
14 Girl Aaruhi Daughter of god
15 Girl Aaruni Dawn
16 Girl Aaruni;aruni Dawn
17 Boy Aashray Dependable
18 Boy Aatharv Veda, ganesh
19 Boy Aatharva Veda, ganesh
20 Boy Aatherv First veda
21 Boy Aathreya Descendant of athri, a disciple of sage vamadeva
22 Girl Aatmaja Daughter
23 Girl Aatmaja;atmaja Daughter
24 Girl Aatmaja;atmaja Daughter
25 Girl Aavani First month of tamil calendar, tamil month name
26 Girl Abasah Daughter of al-mahdi who was distinguished among h
27 Boy Abasalom Son of king david
28 Boy Abednego Artist, bible ref.:  daniel 3:19 – 26, survived th
29 Girl Abeedah Worshipper, narrator of hadith, daughter of nabil
30 Girl Abeerah Rose, sandal saffron mixed together in a fragrance
31 Boy Abel Second son of adam and eve
32 Boy Abhishrey The credit of good deed, the dawn of the good
33 Boy Acacio The lord holds adam, the first man
34 Girl Ada Noble, kind, nobility, the oldest daughter, happy,
35 Girl Adah A form of ada
36 Girl Adah A form of ada
37 Boy Adalarachan King of dance
38 Boy Adalarasen King of dance
39 Boy Adalarasu King of dance
40 Girl Adalarasu King of dance
41 Boy Adalvallan Best dancer
42 Boy Adamya Formidable, brave
43 Boy Adan Variation of adam from the red earth, earth, man
44 Girl Adanna Father's loving daughter, one who is the loving da
45 Boy Addison Son of adam
46 Girl Addison Son of adam
47 Boy Addison Son of adam
48 Boy Addon Basis, foundation, the lord
49 Girl Addyson Son of adam
50 Boy Adharv Name of ganesha, the first vedas
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