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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Creeper'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aashalatha Creeper of hope
2 Girl Aashalata Creeper of hope
3 Girl Aashalatha Creeper of hope
4 Boy Aka Creeper, vine, weed, bad
5 Girl Ashalata Creeper of hope, traditionaly
6 Girl Ballari Creeper
7 Girl Balotkata Creeper
8 Girl Bela Time, creeper
9 Girl Belibela Time, creeper
10 Girl Bratati Creeper
11 Girl Bratati Creeper
12 Girl Chamelee A creeper with flowers
13 Girl Chameli Jasmine, a creeper with flowers
14 Girl Charulata Beautiful creeper
15 Girl Charulata Beautiful creeper
16 Girl Charulata Beautiful, beautiful creeper
17 Girl Chitradevi A creeper
18 Boy Elaparna Leaves of the ela creeper
19 Boy Elaputra Of the cardamom creeper
20 Boy Harenu A creeper which serves as a village boundary
21 Boy Hemalata Golden creeper
22 Girl Hemalata Golden creeper
23 Girl Hemalata Golden creeper
24 Boy Hemamdar Golden creeper
25 Boy Hemamdar Golden creeper
26 Girl Hemavalli Golden creeper
27 Girl Hemlata Golden creeper
28 Girl Hemlata Golden creeper
29 Girl Hemlata Golden creeper
30 Girl Henna Golden creeper, home ruler, house owner, lord of t
31 Girl Induramani A creeper
32 Girl Izhainayaki A creeper
33 Girl Jeevanlata Creeper of life
34 Girl Kalpalata A creeper of paradise
35 Girl Kanakavalli Golden creeper
36 Girl Kanaklata Golden creeper
37 Girl Karnikaa Creeper, heart of lotus
38 Girl Koddi Slender stem of a creeper
39 Girl Koddi Slender stem of a creeper
40 Girl Kunjalata Forest creeper
41 Girl Kusumlata Flowering creeper
42 Girl Labangalata A flowering creeper
43 Girl Lamika Slim girl, a creeper, calm
44 Girl Lata Creeper, vine
45 Girl Lata Creeper, vine
46 Girl Lata Creeper
47 Girl Lataamgi Body like creeper
48 Girl Latakara Mass of creepers
49 Girl Latangi Slim girl, a creeper
50 Girl Latanji A creeper
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