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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Content'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Bharpoor One who is full of content
2 Boy Caka To be content, to shine
3 Boy Cakora Shining, content
4 Boy Dheeraj Patient and contented
5 Boy Haani Happy, delighted, content
6 Boy Haani Happy, delighted, content
7 Boy Hani Happy, content, delighted
8 Boy Hani Happy, delighted, content
9 Boy Joktan Small dispute, contention, disgust.
10 Boy Juayl Contentious, inclined to quarrel, argumentative
11 Girl Kanai Contentment
12 Boy Mahantripat Fully contented
13 Boy Murtadhy Satisfied, content
14 Boy Murtadi-murtadhy Satisfied, content
15 Girl Naeema Blessing, living an enjoyable life, to be contente
16 Boy Nihal Happy, blissful person, content
17 Boy Niilalohita Content
18 Boy Paritosh Contentment, satisfaction
19 Girl Prina Content
20 Girl Prina Content, pleased
21 Boy Prineet Content, satisfied
22 Boy Prineet Content, satisfied
23 Boy Qani Content, satisfied
24 Girl Qaniah Contented
25 Boy Rabbah 'great, powerful, contentious'
26 Girl Radeyah-radhiya Content, satisfied
27 Girl Radhiyaa Content, satisfied
28 Girl Radhiyaa Content, satisfied
29 Boy Radhiyaa Content, satisfied
30 Boy Raiyan Satisfaction, contented
31 Girl Rania Contented, queen, short form of ourania, she who g
32 Boy Reda Contentment, satisfaction, favour
33 Boy Reda-rida-ridha (in god's) favor, contentment, satisfaction
34 Boy Rida In gods favor, contentment, satisfaction
35 Boy Ridha Contentment, acceptance, satisfaction
36 Boy Ridha Contentment
37 Boy Sabnidhaan One having all treasure, contented
38 Girl Sabooree Contentment
39 Girl Sabooree Contentment
40 Girl Sampritha Satisfied, contented
41 Girl Samtoeshi Delighting in contentment
42 Boy Samvar Content
43 Boy Samvar Content
44 Girl Santhoshini Delighting in contentment
45 Boy Santokh Contented, peaceful, and patient
46 Boy Santokh Contented, peaceful, and patient
47 Boy Santokh Peaceful, patient, satisfaction, contentment
48 Girl Santokh Content, peaceful, and patient
49 Boy Santokh Peaceful, patient, satisfaction, contentment
50 Boy Santokhbir Brave and contented
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