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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Compassionate'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abdul-rahim Servant of the most compassionate one
2 Girl Ambala Mother, compassionate
3 Girl Ambali Sensitive, compassionate, loving
4 Girl Arunya Merciful or compassionate
5 Boy Atif Generous, sympathetic, compassionate
6 Girl Dara Compassionate
7 Boy Dayajeet Compassionate victory
8 Boy Dayajeet Compassionate victory
9 Boy Dayakara Compassionate
10 Boy Dayakara Compassionate
11 Boy Dayalu Compassionate, lord shiva
12 Boy Dayalu Compassionate, lord shiva
13 Boy Dayalu Compassionate, lord shiva
14 Boy Dayanita One who likes being merciful, compassionate conduc
15 Boy Dayarama Compassionate as rama, pervades mercy
16 Boy Dayasagara Ocean of compassionate
17 Boy Dayasankara Compassionate lord shiva
18 Boy Dayaveer Heroically compassionate
19 Boy Dayavira Heroically compassionate
20 Boy Gurdayal Compassionate guru
21 Boy Gurdayal Compassionate guru
22 Boy Gurdayal Compassionate guru
23 Boy Gurdayal;gurdyal Compassionate guru
24 Boy Gurdyal Compassionate guru
25 Boy Gurdyal Compassionate guru
26 Boy Gurudayal The compassionate teacher
27 Boy Halim Gentle, generous, compassionate, composed, tranqui
28 Girl Hanele Compassionate
29 Boy Hitender Compassionate god
30 Boy Hitender Compassionate god
31 Boy Jikai Ocean of compassion, compassionate sea
32 Boy Jiyu Compassionate friend
33 Girl Kaarunya Compassionate, goddess lakshmi, merciful, praisewo
34 Girl Kaarunya Compassionate (goddess lakshmi), merciful, compass
35 Girl Kareena Pure white, flower, compassionate
36 Boy Karun Compassionate
37 Boy Karun Compassionate
38 Boy Karunal Compassionate, kind, merciful person
39 Boy Karunashankar Siva, the compassionate
40 Girl Karunavati Compassionate
41 Girl Karunya Compassionate, merciful
42 Boy Karunya Merciful, compassionate
43 Girl Kashin Compassionate
44 Boy Kripal Compassionate
45 Boy Kripalu Compassionate, merciful
46 Boy Nachmanke Compassionate one
47 Boy Paramdaya Most compassionate one
48 Girl Pranithavya Compassionate
49 Boy Radcliff Compassionate
50 Boy Raheem Merciful, god is compassionate, kind
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