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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Co'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aabheer A cow-herd
2 Boy Aabheer;abheer A cow herd
3 Boy Aabher A cow-herd
4 Boy Aabir A cow herd
5 Boy Aadesh Command, message
6 Boy Aadesh;adesh Message, order, command
7 Girl Aadumayil Dancing peacock
8 Girl Aadumayil First, preliminary, dancing peacock
9 Boy Aafreen Encouragement, sun
10 Girl Aafreen Encouragement, brave, acclaim
11 Boy Aagam Coming, arrival
12 Girl Aagman Arrival, welcome
13 Girl Aagya Command, order
14 Girl Aakashi Sky colour
15 Boy Aalambi Continuer
16 Boy Aanan Appearance, face, countenance
17 Girl Aanaya Completely free
18 Girl Aanchal;anchal Protective shelter, the decorative end of a sari
19 Girl Aanchal;anchal Protective shelter, the decorative end of a sari
20 Girl Aangi Decorating the god
21 Boy Aanjay Unconquerable
22 Girl Aapti Completion, fulfilment
23 Boy Aarambh Commencement, haste, effort, pride, introduction
24 Girl Aarchi Comic
25 Girl Aarifah Knowing, women who recognises (islam)
26 Girl Aatmasharan One who cantrol his conscience
27 Boy Aavai Arrive, to come
28 Boy Aavai Arrive, to come
29 Boy Aavansh Forthcoming generation
30 Girl Aavihshka Altruism, advantage, virtue, accord, heart, warm a
31 Boy Abagtha One of the seven eunuchs in ahasuerus's court. fat
32 Boy Abdul-rahim Servant of the most compassionate one
33 Boy Abdur-rauf Servant of the most kind (allah), slave of the com
34 Boy Abdussattar Slave of the one who conceals faults
35 Boy Abeer Colour, fragrance
36 Boy Abel Second son of adam and eve
37 Boy Abhaiveer Fearless and courageous
38 Boy Abhayankar He who gives courage
39 Girl Abhayankari One who gives courage
40 Boy Abheer A cow-herd
41 Girl Abheera A cowherd
42 Boy Abheeran A cow herd
43 Boy Abheeshek Consecrating or to crown
44 Boy Abhibhu To overcome, conquer
45 Boy Abhigayan Recollection
46 Boy Abhigyan Most intelligent, recollection
47 Girl Abhijat Conquest, complete victory
48 Girl Abhijaya Complete victory, victorious
49 Boy Abhijaya Conquest, complete victory
50 Boy Abhijeet Victorious, conqueror
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