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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Clever'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abhijina Skillful, clever, remembrance
2 Boy Azhmeer Clever, wise
3 Boy Bahupatu Very clever
4 Boy Bemra Clever
5 Boy Bharath Very clever great good person
6 Boy Bodhan Clever, wise, kindling
7 Boy Bodhana Clever, wise, enlightening
8 Boy Catura Clever' skilful, beautiful, charming
9 Girl Chanakshi Clever
10 Boy Chapal Quick, swift, lightning, clever, restless
11 Girl Charvitha Clever, beautiful woman
12 Boy Chatar Clever
13 Girl Chathur Clever
14 Girl Chathurika Clever girl
15 Boy Chathurya Clever
16 Boy Chatur Clever
17 Boy Chatur Clever
18 Boy Chatur Clever
19 Boy Chatura Clever
20 Girl Chatura Clever
21 Girl Chaturya Clever
22 Girl Chaytrika Very clever
23 Boy Daksina Right, the sense of direction, clever, fit, able,
24 Boy Danish To be clever, knowledge, wisdom, one who is mercif
25 Girl Daxa Clever
26 Boy Dhritvan Resolute, the sea, the sky, virtuous, clever, name
27 Boy Dhrtvan Steadfast, resolute, the sea, clever, virtuous
28 Girl Dishant Very clever
29 Boy Fateen Clever, smart
30 Boy Fateen Clever, smart
31 Boy Fatin-fateen Clever, smart
32 Girl Ja Cute, clever
33 Boy Justin Good think, clever, just, upright, righteous, true
34 Boy Kabal Clever active, intelligent
35 Boy Kabal Clever active, intelligent
36 Boy Karmanya Clever in work
37 Girl Kassidy Clever
38 Boy Kaushal Clever, skilled
39 Boy Kaushal Clever
40 Boy Khusal Skillful, clever
41 Girl Kritanu Skillful, clever
42 Boy Kritin Clever, skilful, wise, virtuous, pious, one who ha
43 Boy Kritin Skilled, wise, clever
44 Boy Kushaan Clever
45 Boy Kushal Clever
46 Boy Kushal Clever
47 Boy Kushal Clever
48 Boy Kushal Clever, perfect
49 Boy Kushala Skillful, clever
50 Girl Kushali Clever girl
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