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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Chief'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aagha Master, lord, chief, brother
2 Boy Adheash Ruler, chief
3 Girl Adhikshit The head, chief
4 Boy Agrasena Chief warrior
5 Boy Ahasuerus Prince, head, chief
6 Boy Akal Timeless, chief of a tribe, supreme being
7 Boy Akal Timeless, chief of a tribe, supreme being
8 Girl Akara Chief deity
9 Boy Akroor Kind, gentle, a yadava chief, krishna's friend
10 Boy Alpheus A thousand, learned, chief
11 Boy Ameer Ruler, prince, superior, chief, commander, rich
12 Boy Amid Support, leader, chief, a great man, amin
13 Boy Cedric Chieftain
14 Boy Cedric Chieftain
15 Boy Chatrapati The chief, lord of the umbrella
16 Boy Chitrangad Name of chief of gandharvs
17 Boy Devasenapati The army chief of heavenly gods
18 Boy Devasenapati The army chief of heavenly gods
19 Boy Devisa Chief of the gods
20 Boy Devish Chief of the gods
21 Girl Devishi Chief of the goddesses, goddess durga
22 Girl Devisi Chief of the goddesses
23 Girl Deviyahini Chief of the goddesses, goddess durga
24 Boy Dhurai Chief, yoke, head, one charged with important duti
25 Girl Dinal Great chief, variant of donald
26 Boy Ghana Dark, war chief, wealth, profit, warrior king, gha
27 Boy Gopati Owner of cows, leader, chief
28 Boy Griffin (?) chief/lord
29 Boy Griffith (?) chief/lord
30 Girl Gurmeher Guru's chief
31 Girl Gurmeher Guru's chief
32 Boy Hammam Chief, hero, great man
33 Boy Kadmonites Ancients, chiefs
34 Boy Kakunda Peak, chief, symbol of royalty
35 Boy Kavindra Chief of poets
36 Girl Kim From the royal fortress meadow, chief war, armlet,
37 Boy Kim Chief
38 Boy Kimball Warrior chief
39 Girl Kimberly Chief, ruler
40 Boy Lusila Chief, leader
41 Boy Mal Messenger of god, lord krishna, chief, angel
42 Boy Malik King, master or sovereign, master, chieftain
43 Girl Mavleen Chief
44 Girl Mavleen Chief
45 Boy Meer Chief, mayor, leader
46 Boy Meer Chief
47 Boy Melvin Gentle chieftain
48 Boy Melvyn Gentle chieftain
49 Boy Naik A chief, leader
50 Girl Naqeebah Leader, chief, head
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