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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Charming'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abhirup Pleasing, handsome, charming
2 Boy Abhirupa Pleasing form, handsome, charming, lord shiva and
3 Girl Abhirupi Pleasing, handsome, charming
4 Girl Abirupa Beautiful or charming.
5 Boy Akarsana Attraction, handsome, charming
6 Girl Anaahita Charming
7 Boy Aniij Charming
8 Girl Aramalavika Charming maiden
9 Boy Asecana Charming, lovely
10 Girl Bandhula Charming
11 Boy Bandhula Charming
12 Boy Bandula Charming
13 Boy Bankimcandra Half moon, charming but shrewd
14 Boy Bankimchandra Half moon, charming but shrewd
15 Girl Bhanuni Charming woman
16 Girl Bhargavi Goddess parvati, beautiful, charming
17 Girl Bunny Good, fair of face, charming, cute like rabbit
18 Boy Caha Desirable, charming
19 Boy Caru Agreeable, charming, beloved
20 Boy Caruyasas With charming fame
21 Boy Catura Clever' skilful, beautiful, charming
22 Boy Chabila Charming, splendid, beautiful
23 Girl Charmme Charming
24 Girl Charmy Charming
25 Girl Charmy Charming
26 Girl Charmy Charming
27 Boy Charu Agreeable, charming, genteel
28 Boy Chethan Charming
29 Girl Chitrangi With a charming body
30 Boy Dev Bard, poet, god, king, immortal, charming, awesome
31 Boy Dhrushil Charming
32 Boy Dildar A king, lover, beloved, friend, charming
33 Girl Fariba Mesmerizing, enticing, charming
34 Girl Genelia Charming
35 Boy Inu Charming, lovely, handsome
36 Boy Jhalmal Shinning, charming
37 Girl Jhumpa Charming
38 Boy Jobanveer Brave and charming
39 Boy Khalil Charming, sincere friend, good friend, honourable
40 Boy Krishu Charming
41 Girl Krishvee Charming
42 Girl Kulvinder Successful and charming person
43 Boy Lakhroop Most charming among hundred thousand
44 Boy Lakhroop Most charming among hundred thousand
45 Girl Maleeha Charming
46 Girl Maliha Strong, beautiful, pleasant, charming, princess of
47 Girl Manjula Lovely, soft, charming, melodious, sweet
48 Boy Manmohon Charming
49 Boy Manohardeep Charming lamp
50 Boy Manoharjot Charming light
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