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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Blessings'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aaish God blessings
2 Boy Aashirwad Blessings
3 Boy Aashish Blessings
4 Girl Aashka Blessings
5 Girl Adriti Blessings
6 Girl Akshada God's blessings
7 Girl Akshadha God's blessings
8 Girl Akshadha God's blessings
9 Girl Akshadha God's blessings
10 Girl Akshintha Blessings
11 Girl Anju Blessings, inconquerable
12 Girl Anjuli Blessings, in conquerable
13 Boy Ashirvadh Blessings
14 Boy Ashish Benediction, blessings
15 Boy Ashish Blessings
16 Boy Ashish Benediction, blessings
17 Girl Ashisha Blessings
18 Boy Ashishpal Fosterer of blessings
19 Boy Asishram Blessings
20 Boy Atulprasad Boundless blessings
21 Boy Bankei Ten thousand blessings
22 Boy Barakah Blessed, blessings
23 Girl Darshee Blessings
24 Boy Debasis Blessings of god
25 Boy Debasish Blessings of god
26 Boy Devasheesh Blessings of god
27 Boy Devashish Blessings of god
28 Boy Dhevasish God's blessings
29 Girl Dhruveena Blessings of dhruva and sarwathi krupa
30 Girl Divyashi Divine blessings
31 Boy Eijaz Blessings
32 Boy Faiz Gain, knight, grace, favour, victorious, blessings
33 Boy Gensho Original blessings
34 Boy Girijaprasada Girija's blessings
35 Girl Gurmehar Blessings of guru
36 Boy Gurmehar Blessings of guru
37 Girl Gurnaaz Blessings of guru
38 Boy Guruprasad Blessings of guru, gift from guru
39 Boy Hedwyn Blessings
40 Boy Innayat Blessings
41 Girl Marushika Born with blessings of lord shiva
42 Boy Mehar Blessings
43 Boy Mehar Blessings
44 Girl Nimat Blessings, loans
45 Girl Nimaat Blessings, loans
46 Girl Nimaat Blessings, loans
47 Boy Noman Men with all blessings of allah
48 Girl Punyata Blessings gained for good work
49 Girl Rudhraksh Lord shiva's blessings
50 Girl Rudrika Lord shiva's blessings
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