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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Bitter'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Annmaria Bitter grace
2 Boy Evil-merodach The fool of merodach, the fool grinds bitterly
3 Boy Imri Speaking, exalting, bitter, a lamb.
4 Girl Ismaira Bitter
5 Boy Maeron Bitter
6 Boy Manom Bitter
7 Girl Manya Worthy of honour, bitter, sea of bitterness
8 Boy Manya Worthy of honour, bitter, sea of bitterness
9 Boy Mara Bitter, variant of maria, destroyer
10 Girl Mara Bitter, variant of maria, destroyer
11 Girl Mara Bitter sea
12 Boy Mara Bitter
13 Girl Marah Bitter, bitterness.
14 Girl Mari Sea of bitterness, wished of chld, calf, bitter, t
15 Girl Maria Bitter, sea of bitterness, the perfect one, sea of
16 Girl Maria Sea of bitterness
17 Girl Mariah Uncertain, maybe bitter, respelling of maria
18 Girl Marian Uncertain, maybe bitter, pet form of marie
19 Boy Marian Uncertain, maybe bitter, pet form of marie
20 Girl Maridel Bitter
21 Girl Mariel Bitter
22 Girl Marika Bitter, star, sea, sea of bitterness, wished for c
23 Girl Marilla Bitter
24 Boy Mario Bitter, king-ruler
25 Boy Mario Of the sea or sailor, bitter, king-ruler, warlike,
26 Girl Marisha A variation of mary, bitter, of the sea, rebellion
27 Girl Mariyah Purity, to desire, sea of bitterness, sea of sorro
28 Boy Maro Myself, bitter
29 Boy Maroth Bitterness
30 Girl Marsena Bitterness of a bramble
31 Girl Marta Mistress, mistress of the house or lady, bitter, d
32 Girl Mary Sea of bitterness, bitter, wished-for child, rebel
33 Girl Maryam Name of mother of jesus, bitter, a flower, tuberos
34 Girl Matisha Bitter
35 Boy Maurya King, bitter
36 Girl May To increase, kinswomen, mother, bitter, diminutive
37 Girl Meli Bitter
38 Boy Meraioth Bitterness, rebellious, changing.
39 Boy Merari Bitter, to provoke.
40 Girl Merari Bitter, to provoke
41 Boy Meremoth Bitterness, myrrh of death.
42 Boy Merodach-baladan Bitter contrition, without judgment.
43 Girl Molly Bitter
44 Girl Mura Bitter, merciless, a fragrant plant
45 Girl Nimm Name of a tree that bears bitter fruit
46 Boy Poiyaamolli A pet form of mary bitter
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