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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Beginning'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aad In the beginning
2 Boy Aadhi Beginning
3 Boy Aadhya First power or the beginning
4 Girl Aadhya Beginning, first power
5 Girl Aadhyasri First power or the beginning
6 Boy Aadik Beginning with
7 Boy Aadir Origin, beginning
8 Girl Aadita From the beginning
9 Girl Aaditi Beginning
10 Boy Aadroop Embodiment of the beginning-less
11 Boy Aadyant Beginning and end
12 Boy Addit From the beginning
13 Girl Adhitha From the beginning
14 Boy Adima Beginning, root
15 Boy Adit From the beginning
16 Boy Adyant Beginning and end
17 Boy Adyanta Beginning and end
18 Girl Aira The beginning, the principle,the breathe of life
19 Boy Anaad Beginningless
20 Boy Anaad Beginning-less
21 Boy Anaadhi Without beginning
22 Boy Anaadi Without beginning
23 Girl Anadhi God, omnipotent, beginningless
24 Boy Brahmadya Beginning with brahma
25 Girl Genesis Beginning
26 Boy Hunt A short form of beginning with hunt
27 Girl Jenis Genesis the beginning
28 Girl Kiah A new beginning*
29 Girl Kiah A new beginning*
30 Girl Kiah A new beginning*
31 Boy Mareshah From the beginning, an inheritance
32 Girl Nadia The beginning, first
33 Boy Neev Base, beginning
34 Boy Omkar Beginning of life, creator of om
35 Girl Omkara An auspicious beginning
36 Boy Pahal Facet, beginning initiative
37 Girl Primavera Springs beginning
38 Boy Rosh The head, top, or beginning
39 Girl Sahasra A new beginning, thousand times, goddess laxmi, in
40 Girl Sahasra A new beginning
41 Girl Sanantan Eternal infinite, without beginning or end
42 Girl Sanantan Eternal infinite, without beginning or end
43 Boy Sarmad Which has a beginning or end
44 Girl Sheyali A beginning of new work
45 Girl Srichaitra Month in indian calendar, beginning
46 Boy Srichaitra 1st month in indian calendar, beginning
47 Girl Swatika Auspicious beginning
48 Boy Thorne A short form of names beginning with thor
49 Boy Utpal Beginning, a water lily
50 Boy Vihaan Morning, dawn, sun's first light, new beginning
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