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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Beautiful'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
401 Girl Harini Beautiful like deer, who's really good at math, fe
402 Girl Harini Beautiful like deer
403 Boy Harisree Beautifully golden
404 Girl Haroop Beautiful god
405 Girl Haroop Beautiful god
406 Girl Harroop Beautiful god
407 Girl Harroop Beautiful god
408 Boy Hasan Laughter, good, beautiful, handsome, good looking
409 Boy Haseen Beautiful, smart
410 Girl Haseena Beautifull and always smile
411 Girl Hasina Beautiful, attractive lady
412 Girl Hasina Good, cheerful, beautiful, pretty
413 Girl Hasna Beautiful
414 Girl Hasna Laughing, beautiful, pretty
415 Girl Hasna Beautiful
416 Boy Hassan Beautiful, handsome
417 Boy Hassan Good, handsome, beautiful, one who beautifies
418 Girl Havya Beautiful, hobby, goddess parvati
419 Girl Helen Most beautiful woman in the world
420 Boy Hemant Beautiful season of the year
421 Girl Hemnalini Beautiful woman
422 Boy Herit Beautiful, algonquin
423 Girl Hisha Beautiful
424 Girl Hramya Beautiful
425 Boy Husayn Beautiful
426 Girl Husna Beautiful, a belle
427 Girl Husniyah Beautiful
428 Boy Hussein Beautiful
429 Boy Hussein Beautiful, handsome one, good, small
430 Girl Hymavati Beautiful
431 Girl Ilavalagi Young and beautiful
432 Boy Ilhaan Beautiful voice
433 Boy Imran Beautiful, prosperity, father of moses, a prophet'
434 Girl Indraakshi One with beautiful eyes
435 Girl Indrakshi One with beautiful eyes
436 Girl Indrakshi One with beautiful eyes
437 Girl Indraneel One with beautiful eyes
438 Girl Indulata Beautiful moon
439 Girl Induvadana One who has a face as beautiful as the moon
440 Girl Iraira The most beautiful in the whole world
441 Boy Isabis Something beautiful
442 Girl Ishnoor Beautiful god
443 Boy Ishu Angel sweet lovely beautiful
444 Boy Ishu A ray of light, angel sweet lovely beautiful
445 Girl Izabelle Beautiful
446 Girl Jacinta Hyacinth, purple flower name, beautiful
447 Girl Jaffa A form of yaffa, beautiful
448 Girl Jafit Beautiful
449 Girl Jairekha Beautiful
450 Girl Jaisree Beautiful
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