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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Beautiful'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
101 Girl Anushruti Beautiful
102 Girl Aparanji Pure gold, beautiful
103 Girl Aparoopa Extremely beautiful
104 Girl Aparup Beautiful
105 Girl Apsaras Beautiful ladies who dance in the court of indra,
106 Girl Apuroopa Rarest of the rare, extremely beautiful
107 Girl Araiya Divine, beautiful
108 Boy Arav Peaceful, beautiful
109 Boy Aravind One with beautiful eyes, lotus
110 Girl Ariana A beautiful melody or very holy one
111 Girl Arivalagi Intelligent and beautiful
112 Girl Arivalagi Intelligent and beautiful
113 Girl Arivazhagi Intelligent and beautiful
114 Boy Arnit Beautiful flower
115 Girl Arohi Beautiful, evolving
116 Girl Arsheen Princess of sky, a beautiful soft hearted and kind
117 Boy Arsheeth Princess of sky, a beautiful soft hearted and kind
118 Girl Arshnoor Beautiful sky
119 Girl Arushree Beautiful eye
120 Girl Arya Beautiful goddess
121 Boy Aryna Smart and beautiful
122 Girl Ashinya Beautiful home
123 Girl Ashiwarya Beautiful
124 Girl Ashiyana Beautiful home, dwelling place
125 Boy Ashiyana Beautiful home, dwelling place
126 Boy Atirupa Very beautiful, another name for supreme being
127 Girl Attyaza Beautiful girl
128 Girl Avirupa Very beautiful
129 Girl Avnoor Beautiful
130 Girl Ayana Ethiopian, beautiful blossom
131 Girl Ayana Beautiful flower
132 Boy Ayanabh Beautiful flower
133 Girl Ayanna Beautiful flower
134 Girl Ayanna Innocent, beautiful flower, royal
135 Girl Ayushree Beautiful
136 Boy Azhagan A beautiful handsome boy, lord murugan
137 Girl Azhagi Beautiful
138 Girl Azhagumayil Beautiful peacock
139 Girl Azhaguseetha Beautiful girl
140 Girl Baani Beautiful
141 Boy Babulal Beautiful
142 Boy Baha Beautiful, magnificent, brilliance
143 Girl Bahiyaa Beautiful, radiant
144 Girl Bahiyyah Beautiful, radiant
145 Girl Bamini Beautiful
146 Girl Barnini Beautifull
147 Girl Barnini Beautifull
148 Girl Basbas She was beautiful and had a melodious voice, she w
149 Boy Beau Handsome, pretty, beautiful gaze
150 Boy Beaufort From the beautiful fort
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