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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Beautiful'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
51 Girl Alana Beautiful, darling child, rock, light and buoy-any
52 Girl Alankara The beautiful
53 Girl Alankritha Decorated lady, beautiful girl
54 Girl Albeli One who steals hearts, beautiful
55 Girl Aleena Beautiful, good looking
56 Boy Alekya Which cannot be written, a beautiful painting
57 Girl Alekya Which cannot be written, a beautiful painting, goo
58 Girl Aliyana Beautiful girl
59 Girl Alka Girl with beautiful long hair
60 Girl Alpana Decorative design, beautiful
61 Girl Alpana A decorative design, beautiful
62 Girl Alpana Decorative design, beautiful
63 Girl Amaira One who will be forever beautiful
64 Girl Ambu Water, beautiful
65 Boy Ambu Water, beautiful
66 Girl Amisha Beautiful
67 Girl Amisha Beautiful
68 Girl Amisha Beautiful
69 Girl Amolroop Beautiful
70 Girl Amriti Height and beautiful
71 Girl Amsrika Beautiful
72 Boy Amum Very beautiful
73 Girl Ananya Limitless feeling, endless, beautiful star, matchl
74 Girl Ananya Limitless feeling, endless, beautiful star, matchl
75 Girl Anbalagi Lovely and beautiful, see anbu
76 Girl Anbalagi Beautiful lovable person, lovely and beautiful
77 Boy Anbazhagan Beautiful lover
78 Girl Ancika Beautiful, graceful
79 Girl Andrea Manly, a man's woman, beautiful and dared, st andr
80 Girl Anganaa Beautiful woman
81 Girl Angi One with beautiful body, fire
82 Boy Ani Very beautiful
83 Girl Anicham Flower name, name of a beautiful flower
84 Girl Anicham Name of a beautiful flower, also anichamalar
85 Girl Anindita Beautiful
86 Girl Anindita Beautiful
87 Girl Anindita Beautiful
88 Girl Anindyangangi Exquisitely beautiful
89 Girl Anjuna Beautiful
90 Boy Anoopjot Radiating the beautiful light
91 Boy Anousha Beautiful morning
92 Boy Anpalagan Beautiful lover
93 Girl Ansika Beautiful
94 Girl Anukrati Small beautiful creation
95 Girl Anukriti Beautiful duplicate creation by god
96 Girl Anukrti Small beautiful creation
97 Girl Anusa Beautiful morning
98 Girl Anusha Beautiful morning
99 Girl Anusha The universe, beautiful morning, a star, following
100 Girl Anushrita Beautiful
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