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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Beautiful'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
451 Boy Jameel Beautiful
452 Boy Jameel Beautiful, handsome
453 Girl Jameela Beautiful, pretty, elegant, graceful, comely
454 Girl Jameela Beautiful
455 Girl Jameerah Beautiful one
456 Girl Jameerah Beautiful one
457 Girl Jamelia Beautiful
458 Boy Jamil Handsome, beautiful, grace, another name for god,
459 Boy Jamil-jameel Beautiful
460 Girl Jamila Beautiful, elegant, elegant graceful, comely
461 Girl Jamilah Beautiful, graceful, elegant
462 Girl Jamilah-jameela Beautiful, graceful, lovely
463 Girl Jamilia Beautiful
464 Girl Jamilla Beautiful, lovely
465 Girl Jamirah Beautiful one
466 Girl Jasima Beautiful
467 Girl Jasna Beautiful
468 Girl Jennis One who is fair and beautiful
469 Girl Jhanu Beautiful and cute girl, darling
470 Girl Jia Sweet heart, lively, beautiful
471 Boy Jobanpreet Very beautiful
472 Girl Joshika The beautiful auspicious flower
473 Girl Joshikaa The beautiful auspicious flower
474 Girl Kaamini Beautiful woman
475 Girl Kaarkulali With beautiful black hair
476 Boy Kaavin Handsome, beautiful
477 Boy Kabra Beautiful tree
478 Boy Kahan One who is a warrior, beautiful
479 Girl Kajol Beautiful eyes, eye liner
480 Girl Kala Princess, lady, most beautiful, the fine arts, art
481 Girl Kala Princess, lady, most beautiful, the fine arts, art
482 Girl Kali Graceful, beautiful, artistic, the dark one, a bud
483 Girl Kalida Most beautiful
484 Girl Kalidas Servant of kali, the black one, beautiful
485 Girl Kallie Most beautiful, modern variant of callie, lark, fr
486 Girl Kally Most beautiful, fortress, modern variant of callie
487 Girl Kalyaani Beautiful, auspicious, blessed
488 Boy Kalyana Beautiful, auspicious, blessed
489 Girl Kalyani Beautiful, auspicious, blessed, blissful, fortunat
490 Boy Kamalaksh One whose eyes are beautiful like lotuses
491 Boy Kamalaksh With beautiful lotus type eyes
492 Girl Kamalakshi One whose eyes are beautiful like lotuses
493 Girl Kamalalaya Blissful, beautiful, abiding in a lotus
494 Girl Kamalasundari Beautiful like a lotus flower
495 Boy Kamarupa Of the form of love, beautiful, pleasing
496 Boy Kameel Beautiful
497 Girl Kameel Beautiful
498 Boy Kamini Beautiful woman, desired, wish
499 Girl Kamini A beautiful woman
500 Girl Kamini A beautiful woman
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