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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Autumn'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aki Autumn, bright, short form of joakim
2 Boy Autumn Autumn
3 Girl Jora Autumn rain
4 Boy Karif-kareef Born in autumn
5 Girl Saarada Autumnal, mature
6 Boy Sarad Autumn
7 Boy Saradindu Moon of autumn
8 Boy Sarat Autumn
9 Boy Sarat Autumn, name of a season, a sage
10 Boy Saratchandra Moon of autumn
11 Boy Shantidv Autumn
12 Girl Sharad Autumn
13 Boy Sharad Autumn, name of a season
14 Boy Sharad Autumn
15 Boy Sharad-sarat Autumn
16 Boy Sharad;sarat Autumn
17 Girl Sharada Autumnal, mature
18 Girl Sharadashri Beauty of autumn
19 Boy Sharadchandra Autumn moon
20 Boy Sharadchandra Autumn moon
21 Boy Sharadendu Moon of autumn
22 Boy Sharadendu Moon of autumn
23 Girl Sharadi As lovely as an autumn
24 Boy Sharadindu Autumn moon
25 Boy Sharadindu Moon of autumn, autumn moon
26 Girl Sharadini Autumn
27 Boy Sharadvasu Autumn treasure
28 Boy Sharadvat Cool like autumn
29 Boy Sharatpadma Autumn lotus
30 Girl Sharika Goddess durga, partner, participant, autumn
31 Boy Stav Autumn
32 Boy Thu Autumn, god
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