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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Ark'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abid Worshipper of allah, spark of fire, worshipper of
2 Boy Adrian Black, dark, of the adriatic
3 Boy Adrian Dark one, rich
4 Boy Adrian-adrien The dark one
5 Boy Adrian;adrien The dark one
6 Boy Adrian;adrien The dark one
7 Girl Adriana Dark.
8 Girl Adriene From hadria, dark
9 Boy Adrik Dark
10 Boy Agnikana Particle of fire, spark
11 Boy Ahihud Brother of vanity, or of darkness, or of joy, or o
12 Girl Alma Soul, with dark red lips, nourishing soul, all goo
13 Girl Amaryllis Fresh, sparkling
14 Girl Amaryllis Fresh, sparkling
15 Boy Amitasan With sacred marks, omnipresent, lord vishnu
16 Boy Angaar Spark of fire
17 Girl Anishaa One whose life has no darkness
18 Girl Anjalai Modest, mark of respect
19 Boy Anjisnu Who eats up darkness, remove darkness, one who shi
20 Boy Ankan Marking
21 Boy Ankan Marking
22 Girl Ankana A mark
23 Girl Ankita Distinguished, marked by the lord
24 Girl Ankita Baby of sun, marked, lovable, conquered, a signet,
25 Girl Ankita Baby of sun, marked, lovable, conquered, a signet,
26 Girl Ankitha With auspicious marks
27 Girl Ankitha Marked
28 Girl Ankruthi Marked
29 Boy Aran An ark, their curse, forest, righteous, righteous,
30 Boy Aran An ark, their curse
31 Boy Araunah Ark, song, joyful cry
32 Boy Aruloli Radiance, sparkle
33 Girl Ashmi Sparkling diamond
34 Boy Asita Tranquil, dark, blue, warm, hot, the sun
35 Boy Asitvaran Dark complexioned
36 Boy Ayarko God kannan, king of shepherds, pron aayarko
37 Boy Bahir Luminous, sparkling, dazzling, prevailing
38 Boy Barry Marksman
39 Boy Bharadvaja Skylark, strong and fast
40 Boy Bharadwaj;bhardwaj A sage, a mythical bird, skylark, strong & fast
41 Boy Bhardwaj A sage, a mythical bird, skylark, strong and fast
42 Girl Bindi Small round to wear on forehead, a decorative mark
43 Boy Bisman Black, dark blue
44 Boy Bruno Dark complexioned
45 Boy Bruno Dark complexioned
46 Boy Candraka The crescent moon, the red mark on the forehead
47 Boy Carey Dark one
48 Boy Cary Dark one
49 Girl Cary-carey Dark of hair or complexion
50 Girl Chaka A lark
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