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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Anger'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aargh Expression of frustration or anger
2 Boy Acanda Not of the hot temper, without anger, gentle
3 Boy Achanda Not of the hot temper, without anger, gentle
4 Boy Achanda Not of the hot temper, without anger, gentle
5 Girl Agar A stranger, one that fears.
6 Boy Agur 'stranger, gathered together'
7 Boy Akopa Without anger
8 Boy Akrodh Non-anger
9 Boy Akrodhana Free from anger
10 Boy Akrosa Wild anger
11 Boy Amarsa Anger, passion, a prince
12 Girl Anima The power of becoming minute, soul, anger, courage
13 Boy Anjaan Stranger
14 Boy Aparusa Free from anger
15 Boy Asnapper Unhappiness, increase of danger.
16 Girl Babita Foreign woman, stranger
17 Girl Bárbara Stranger, foreigner, traveler from a foreign land
18 Boy Basha Stranger, king, emperor, noble, daughter of god
19 Girl Basha Polish daughter of god, stranger
20 Boy Bhanukopa With a blazing anger, as angry as the sun
21 Girl Bora Snow, excellent, brave, foreign, stranger, strange
22 Boy Dakhil Stranger, foreigner
23 Boy Doyle Stranger
24 Boy Durasada Dangerous to be approached, difficult to be found
25 Boy Eber One that passes, anger
26 Boy Frayne Stranger
27 Boy Gale Lively, cheerful, happy, foreigner, stranger
28 Boy Gale A stranger
29 Boy Gershom A stranger there
30 Boy Hagar Forsaken, stranger
31 Boy Haggeri A stranger.
32 Boy Haggi A stranger.
33 Boy Harhaiah Heat, or anger, of the lord.
34 Boy Harhas Anger, heat of confidence.
35 Boy Heber One that passes, anger
36 Boy Horonites Men of anger, or of fury, or of liberty
37 Boy Jagur Husbandman, stranger
38 Boy Jebus Treading under foot, manger
39 Boy Kuppuswamy Lord of anger
40 Boy Naathim Arranger, adjuster
41 Boy Naathim Arranger, adjuster
42 Boy Naharai My nostrils, hot, anger.
43 Boy Nazim Emperor, poet, arranger, organizer, adjuster
44 Boy Nazim-nazeem Arranger, adjuster
45 Boy Nimshi Rescued from danger.
46 Boy Nirmanyu Free of anger
47 Boy Nirmanyu Free of anger
48 Boy Perry Foreigner, stranger
49 Boy Raatib Arranger
50 Boy Raatib Arranger
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