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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Affection'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aatif Kind affectionate
2 Girl Aatikah Kind affectionate
3 Boy Abhikama Affection, desire
4 Girl Abhishoka Affectionate
5 Boy Abhisneha Affection, desire
6 Boy Amana Friendly disposition, kindness, affection
7 Boy Anas A group of people, affection, love, friendliness,
8 Boy Anas Affection. love. a group of people (as opposed to
9 Girl Aneesa Friendly, of good company, companion, affectionate
10 Girl Aneesah Affectionate, close, intimate, good friend, of goo
11 Girl Anurakthi Affection
12 Girl Anurakti Love, affection
13 Girl Armili Affectionate or dear
14 Girl Atefeh Affection
15 Girl Atifa Empathy, affectionate, sympathetic
16 Girl Atifa Affection, sympathy
17 Girl Bandhavya Affection
18 Girl Chahana Desire, affection
19 Girl Charity Affection
20 Girl Charity Affection
21 Girl Haeksha Love and affection
22 Girl Hardika Heart, essence of the meaning, affectionate
23 Girl Hathrini Giving wealth, bright future, gods gift, affection
24 Girl Hetal Affection
25 Girl Ishrat Wish, affection, enjoyment, gaiety
26 Boy Ishrat Affection, society, familiar and pleasant talk, ha
27 Girl Ishtani Love, affection
28 Boy Ishtarth Love, affection
29 Boy Kale Affectionate, calm, fair, ocean, pure, sea, slende
30 Girl Karthi Love and affection
31 Boy Karthi Love and affection
32 Boy Kirisanth Affection or love
33 Boy Koushik Love and affection
34 Boy Koushik Love and affection
35 Boy Krishna Love, peace, affection, harmony, brave, cleaver, l
36 Girl Krishna Love, peace, affection, harmony, brave, cleaver
37 Boy Krishna Love, peace, affection, harmony, brave, cleaver, l
38 Girl Krishnaa Love, peace, affection, harmony, dark one
39 Girl Kyna Intelligence, wise, love, affection, esteem
40 Girl Lovena Affection
41 Boy Madhurya Sweetness, tender affection
42 Girl Mahalia Affection
43 Girl Mamata Love, affection, ture, motherly love
44 Girl Mamata Love, affection
45 Boy Mamraj Lord of affection
46 Boy Mamraj Lord of affection
47 Girl Mamta Motherly love, affection
48 Boy Mohanapriya Lovingly & affection
49 Girl Mruda Parvati, affectionate
50 Girl Neha Love rain, love and affection, a flower, love, one
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