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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Active'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aacharappan Restless or proactive
2 Boy Aadiyapadham One who is very active or quick
3 Girl Aakarshaka Attractive
4 Girl Aakarshika Having attractive power
5 Girl Acchupta In active
6 Boy Aden Attractive, handsome
7 Boy Akarsh Attractive
8 Boy Akarsh Attractive
9 Boy Akarsh Attractive
10 Girl Akarsha Attractive
11 Boy Akarshak Attractive
12 Boy Akarshit Attractive
13 Boy Akrash Attractive
14 Boy Akrash Attractive
15 Boy Amanda Active
16 Boy Amanda Active
17 Girl Amandine Active, bright, lovable, she who must be loved
18 Boy Amarmohan Immortal and attractive
19 Boy Anasuri Not unwise, active, alert, intelligent
20 Girl Angani Attractive girl
21 Boy Animash Bright, open eyed therefore attractive
22 Boy Animesh Open-eyed, attractive
23 Boy Animish Open-eyed therefore attractive, lord shiva and vis
24 Boy Animish-animesh Open-eyed therefore attractive
25 Boy Animish;animesh Open-eyed therefore attractive
26 Boy Apasyu Keen, skilful, active
27 Boy Atal Admiring, immovable, attractive
28 Boy Balamohan One who is attractive
29 Boy Balamohan The younger one who is attractive, young krishna
30 Boy Balamohana Attractive one
31 Boy Balmohan One who is attractive
32 Boy Balmohan One who is attractive
33 Girl Bavalosini Goddess durga with attractive eyes
34 Boy Bhavan Attractive
35 Boy Bhavandev Attractive as the lord
36 Boy Bhavinder Attractive king
37 Boy Bhimavega With a high speed, quick, active
38 Boy Brjamohana Universally attractive
39 Boy Candramohan Attractive as the moon
40 Girl Chaithanya Active girl, divine radiance
41 Girl Chanchal Active, lively, playful
42 Boy Chanchal Active
43 Girl Chanchal Active
44 Girl Chanchal Active
45 Boy Chandermohan Attractive like the moon
46 Boy Chandermohan Attractive like the moon
47 Boy Chandramohan Attractive like the moon
48 Boy Chandramohan Attractive as the moon
49 Girl Charme Attractive beauty
50 Girl Charu Beautiful, attractive
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