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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'A star'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aazmin A star
2 Girl Aazmin A star
3 Girl Afseen Shine like a star
4 Girl Afsheen Shine like a star
5 Girl Agasthya A name of a sage, a star
6 Boy Akhtar A star, good man, good luck
7 Girl Alhena A ring, a star in the constellation gemini
8 Girl Anubha Like a star, lightning
9 Girl Anuradha Name of a star, bright star
10 Girl Anuradha Name of a star, bright star
11 Girl Anuradha Goddess of good luck, name of a star
12 Girl Anusha The universe, beautiful morning, a star, following
13 Girl Arundhati A star
14 Girl Arundhati A star
15 Girl Ashlesha A star
16 Girl Ashlesha A star
17 Boy Ashvani A star
18 Boy Ashwin King of king, spear friend, a star, win, trust, st
19 Girl Ashwini Good girl, name of a star, female horse, star
20 Girl Aswani Name of a star
21 Girl Aswathi Name of a star
22 Boy Aswini Name of a star
23 Girl Atri Name of a star
24 Girl Bahudama A star
25 Boy Bahul A star
26 Boy Bahula A star
27 Girl Bahula A star
28 Boy Baradwaj A star
29 Girl Barani A star, nakshatra
30 Boy Bhasanta Illuminating, shining, splendid, a star, sun and m
31 Girl Bisakha A star
32 Girl Bishakha A star
33 Girl Bishakha A star
34 Girl Chitra Drawing, picture, a star, name of a river, art, na
35 Girl Chretheka A star
36 Girl Dhanishta A star
37 Girl Dhanishta A star
38 Girl Dhanishta A star, the richest one
39 Girl Dhanishtha A star
40 Girl Dhanishtha A star
41 Girl Dhanistha A star
42 Boy Dhruv A star, pole star
43 Boy Druv A star
44 Boy Druv A star
45 Boy Druva A star name
46 Girl Estelle A star
47 Girl Esther Star, myrtle leaf, like a star, stampedding horses
48 Girl Farqad Name of a star
49 Girl Hester A star
50 Girl Hetty A star
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