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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Parvati'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aarya Princess, goddess parvati / durga
2 Girl Aarya;arya Goddess parvati, goddess durga
3 Girl Aarya;arya Goddess parvati, goddess durga
4 Girl Abhirami Goddess gouri, goddess parvati
5 Girl Abhisaarikaa Fearless, goddess parvati
6 Girl Abhitha Fearless, goddess parvati
7 Girl Abhitha Fearless (goddess parvati)
8 Girl Adija Goddess parvati
9 Girl Aditya Goddess parvati, sun, the first, lord of the sun
10 Girl Akshainie Goddess parvati
11 Boy Akshainie Goddess parvati
12 Girl Akula Goddess parvati
13 Girl Amavashya Parvati
14 Girl Ambhasa Goddess parvati
15 Girl Ambika Goddess parvati
16 Girl Ambika Goddess parvati
17 Girl Ambika Goddess durga, goddess parvati
18 Girl Amleshlata Goddess parvati
19 Girl Anannya Unique, goddess parvati
20 Girl Ananshi Goddess parvati
21 Girl Ananshi Goddess parvati
22 Girl Annapoorna Goddess parvati, generous with food
23 Girl Annapurani Goddess parvati
24 Girl Annapurna Goddess parvati, generous with food
25 Girl Annapurna Devi bhagavati, goddess of food, goddess parvati,
26 Girl Annapurna Goddess parvati, generous with food
27 Girl Aparna Goddess parvati
28 Girl Aparna Goddess parvati
29 Girl Aparna Goddess parvati
30 Girl Arya Goddess parvati, noble in sanskrit, melody or air
31 Girl Bathiravathi Goddess parvati
32 Girl Bhargavi Goddess parvati
33 Girl Bhargavi Goddess parvati, beautiful, charming
34 Girl Bhavaanee Goddess parvati
35 Girl Bhavani Sweet, one who lives forever, goddess parvati
36 Girl Bhavani Goddess parvati, goddess durga
37 Girl Bhavibhavani Goddess parvati
38 Girl Bhavini Goddess parvati, emotional, beautiful lady
39 Girl Bhavini Goddess parvati, emotional
40 Girl Bhavy Grand, goddess parvati, splendid
41 Girl Bhavya Grand, splendid, big, goddess parvati, durga
42 Girl Bhramara A bumble bee, parvati lord shiva's wife had taken
43 Girl Chalama Goddess parvati
44 Girl Daksayani Godess parvati, daughter of daksha
45 Girl Dhaatri Goddess parvati
46 Boy Dharsith Earth , goddess parvati, a solar deity , represen
47 Girl Dhathri Earth , goddess parvati, a solar deity , represen
48 Girl Dhatri Earth, goddess lakshmi, goddess parvati
49 Girl Dixita Expert, splendor, name of parvati
50 Girl Durga Goddess durga, parvati, devi
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